Too Quiet on the Homefront?

Not like we were going to see a frenzy of activity, but it just seems too darn quiet in these parts, doesn’t it?

There’s hardly any chatter except for all that racket about Joey Votto which touched a nerve to use John’s words. As was popular a couple of decades ago…”Where’s the beef?”

Last week, Reds general manager Walt Jocketty told John Fay that during the GM meetings, he met with a few clubs.

“We’ve met with quite a few clubs,” Jocketty said. “We’re still in phase where clubs are checking to see what everyone is trying to do. We’re not close on anything. I don’t think anyone’s close to deal at this point.”

Interesting, but that’s where a small dilemma may begin.

This type of inactivity is slowly evolving into old news. Granted, it’s not yet Thanksgiving, but surely there’s something with a bite to it. Or are we falling into an all to familiar scene? I know Walt likes to keep everything under wraps, but someone, somewhere has to throw a freakin’ bone.

All this quiet has an eerie feel. Again, too familiar.

I’m not saying go make a deal for the sake of making a deal either. It really does have to make sense. Maybe that’s the holdup here.

After all, we don’t want to overspend just because there are particular needs. Other teams know what those needs are and they are trying their best to upgrade their rosters, too. We simply don’t want to get screwed in a deal (see Hamilton, Josh for Volquez, Edinson and Herrera, Daniel Ray with hindsight). We just want a nice arm (see Shields, James). We just want what’s right. We just want what will help the Reds become a winning team.

Don’t we?

So, as I look back at Jocketty’s quote, I’m thinking (and hoping) there is some groundwork that’s already done. With the Winter Meetings coming soon, maybe Santa will deliver an early gift for Reds fans. If nothing transpires from those meetings, then I will have a larger concern.

For the past two seasons, the Reds have been non-players at the non-waiver trade deadline. We’ve heard that this player or that player were in sight, but yet, nothing ultimately was done. Some may view that as not doing anything to improve your club even though there was an effort. Others could look upon such inactivity with the thinking that the front office may believe that the club in its current state is good enough to win. We’ve heard that in the past.

Win what though? The division? There are far greater aspirations that merely winning a division. Gotta think big picture here. Right?

So what to do…

Well, if nothing emerges from the Winter Meetings, you may elect to do one of the following…

  • scratch you head in disbelief
  • sit in a chair in an isolated corner and stare off into the distnace
  • thump your head with extreme authority on your desk, table or some other furniture
  • throw your hands in the air and scream “What’s the point?”
  • You may elect another form of expressionism as well.

What will I do?

Sit and wait. Oh, and become a little antsy.