A Look at the 2011 Reds from C. Trent

An interesting, yet informative post on CBSSports.com authored by C. Trent Rosecrans hit the web today. Rosecrans examined what was a disappointing 2011 season (to say the least) and he offers a few items the Reds might want to consider heading into 2012.

Here’s some of the topics C. Trent brings to light…

Rosecrans mentions the fall off of Bronson Arroyo and Drew Stubbs from their 2010 seasons. Both set dubious records in 2011. Throw in an otherwise inconsistent starting staff (with the exception of Johnny Cueto) and injuries to field leader Scott Rolen and this past season was certainly a recipe for hanging heads.

Concerning this offseason, C. Trent offers these points…

The first mention is to deal Yonder Alonso. I know there are some that feel he can get the hang of left field, but Rosecrans says trade him, do not settle low and “sell high” for him. He is, after all, a first baseman and the Reds are pretty secure there with Joey Votto.

Speaking of Votto, C. Trent says not to fret over Votto and his possible free agency that’s still two years down the road. I repeat, two years down the road. Play to win it all during that timeframe (ala the 2011 Milwaukee Brewers) and worry about Votto’s potential departure when the time arrives. Kind of a “don’t cry over spilt milk” theory…of sorts.

Let Ramon Hernandez and Francisco Cordero walk. The Reds have good backstops with Ryan Hanigan and Devin Mesoraco so I think letting Hernandez walk is almost a guarantee. Any contract extension concerning Cordero might still be too costly according to Rosecrans. I believe it depends on numbers for Cordero, but while it is said the Reds overpaid him four years ago, they shouldn’t do so now either. His take on what to do about the bullpen without Coco as the closer is eye opening. Well, to me it is.

Pick up BP’s option but do not commit to a long term deal especially if he’s seeking a deal similar to the one Dan Uggla has (5 years, $62 million). This kind of jives with thoughts centered around Votto.

If the Reds decide to “go young” (say at short with Zack Cozart and left field with Chris Heisey), the Reds across the board need to commit to that strategy. No tinkering around. These guys need the time on the field and bringing in veterans will diminish that time. I’m thinking that may not go over too well as I’m developing the impression that Dusty Baker’s “other” name is Tinker.

Find another top of the rotation starter. This has been a cry from Reds fans for, oh, at least two years. There is Johnny Cueto, who continues to mature, but Rosecrans once again eludes to this year’s Brewers and how they added pitching depth with the likes of Shaun Marcum and Zack Greinke. While the Brewers didn’t have the pitching depth as the Reds were perceived to have had, Brewers GM Doug Melvin did not wait around one bit to see if any arms would develop. He worked out deals to get those Marcum and Greinke. The Reds do own a fairly stocked farm system. Some are afraid to tap into that resource.

What I have just mentioned is only a quick outline of Rosecrans analysis of the 2011 Reds. He goes far more in depth with each of these points. This is a worthy read.