What is Left?


Eight games to go…

Seems like “Clinch Night” is now so far in the rear view mirror. Truth be told, it is. In fact, it cannot really be seen. With this new found losing streak of four, it’s hard to believe that the “new goals” the Reds set will even be met. And I grant you, it is disheartening. It is frustrating. It is…what it is.

So exactly what is there left for the Reds team to accomplish?

Well, to have a winning season, the good guys must win all eight remaining games (2 v. Houston, 3 at Pittsburgh and 3 against the Mets). That will be no easy task. The Reds, who seemingly had the Astros number this season, could only manage four hits in their last game. One was a Brandon Phillips home run.

And they sure couldn’t hit the bevvy of Houston pitchers in striking out 11 times. Let me spell that out…eleven. That is is severely ugly. And look at this. I saw a stat on Twitter that in the Reds last eight games, they have 80 strikeouts. Are you friggin’ serious?

Oh, and that other “new goal” of catching and passing the St. Louis Cardinals? Not gonna happen.

So what is left? Well, you do want to win as many games as you can. You know, to build momentum for next year. Okay. That may have been a bit on the snarky side. Realistically, there’s only personal goals at this point. And those can add to the rest of what has been, to be blunt, a huge disappointing season.

Seriously…what is left?

Joey Votto and Jay Bruce pursue 30 HR and 100 RBI seasons
Votto sits at 28 and 98. Bruce, 31 and 92. Votto actually has the better shot unless Bruce can fire up the bat over the next week of games. He tends to drive in runs in bunches while Votto is, well, Votto.

Brandon Philips and the chase for 20 HR and a .300 average
After tonight, BP’s batting average sits at .294 with 17 homers after his blast in the last night. If BP is to get the 20 HR mark, he’ll have to earn it. GABP is a homer haven (107 rating). No one will dispute that. According to Baseball Reference, PNC Park is the hardest of the three to hit one (98). Yes, harder than Citi Field (100).

Getting to .300 would be icing on the cake…and give a pause for what the Reds brass decides to do in regards to a contract. Add this. BP’s also on his way to setting a career high for on-base percentage.

Stubbs and steals
We heard it again tonight and we will until the end of the season. Drew Stubbs has a chance at 40 steals. He has 38 after pulling off a theft last night. Stubbs would be the first Red since Deion Sanders in 1997 to swipe 40 or more bags. Neon Deion had 56 that year.

Cordero and a drive for 35
With two saves in the last eight games, closer Francisco Cordero will reach 35 on the season. Since joining the Reds in 2008, Cordero has had 30 or more save each season. 2008 was his lowest total with 34. If Cordero does reach the 35 save total, it will mark the first time in his career in which he has notched 35 saves in three consecutive years.

For this next one, I’ll admit, a reach…

Pitchers v. Janish
Reds pitchers have 2 HR (Travis Wood and Dontrelle Willis). Paul Janish has none. Janish does hold an advantage in RBI (21 to 12) and batting average (.206 to .164). Thing is, will Janish get the at-bats…

I’m going to watch this for a while…