What They’re Saying: Around the NL Central

It is truly official…our beloved Reds will not be attending the 2011 postseason. Is now the time to be looking forward to 2012? Some already have, but as potentially cynical as it is to say, there is still baseball to be played this season. Hard to imagine that much can be garnered from what few games remain, but I’m sure there will be a silver lining for some.

But it’s not all roses within the other teams that reside in the NL Central. Well, for some it isn’t. Well, look around the other NL Central FanSided blogs to see what they have been saying this past week. Some good news, some not as much.

There was a rumor running about that the Houston Astros were going to be moved the the American League to give each league 15 teams. While this has been previouslt discussed on many levels, there are a couple of things to point out here.

One, there would always be an interleague series. Two, I think the other teams that are currently in the NL Central as well as the rest of the NL might not want the AAAstros to depart so soon. Maybe in a couple of years, they may wish otherwise.

Cincinnati is all too familiar how this attendance thing works. When you’re winning, the “fans” flock to the park. If you’re not winning, “fans” will stay at home and watch on FOX Sports Ohio or whatever your provider offers. The same is happening in Pittsburgh, but this piece by Tom has a bit of a different refrain.

Thiis is based from a report that covers the last decade and entails a percentage of “lost attendance”. The article Tom lists the 12 sports teams that have suffered a declining fanbase. The Bucs are 4th on this list. Gate means everything.

Of note, the Reds are NOT on this list, but two Ohio franchises are: The Columbus Blue Jackets (11th) and the Cleveland Indians (1st).

Remember just a couple of days ago when it was reported that the Cubs might be interested in Walt Jocketty as their next GM? There’s more heads-a-rollin’ within the Cubs front office. Reports state that Cubs team president Crane Keeney will be getting the ax at the end of the season. Jordan over on Cubbies Crib takes a look at Kenney and how, if read in a certain way, was used by the organization.

But I like Jordan’s look at the “big three” candidates for the GM position and how this move can affect bringing in one of these three. Head there to check it out.

If there is one player on the Cardinals rosters that Reds fans love to hate, it’s Chris Carpenter. Get ready for more of the same as Alex Brown on Redbird Rants looks at Carp and his shiny new two-year deal with the Cards.

Reds fans can say all they want about Carpenter, but no one can question his success since joining the Cards. You may not agree with his handling of teammates. You may not agree with how he reacts to plays that don’t go in his favor. You may not agree with how he reacts and interacts with opponents. You have to agree that he’s fearless, competitive and a pretty darn good pitcher.

Should I call Lou Chicken Little here? I know he’s venting, but things look good after last night’s 6-3 win over the good guys. I know this is from a couple of days ago, but there’s something within this post that I did chuckle at when I read it. And I’m not chuckling at Lou, I am seriously chuckling with him.

Lou proposed a letter to Brewers skipper Ron Roenicke. Read this and you might see why.

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