Monday, Monday


All right. It’s Monday, and if that’s not a negative thing, we also have no Reds game tonight. Talked about being bummed. Well, got a handful of things here to help you through.

Cueto and His Odd Season

If you ask me, I’d say that Johnny Cueto is having himself a fine season. Just this morning I read a tweet from Sam LeCure touting Cueto for the NL Cy Young. We’ve all witnessed Cueto’s maturity as a pitcher and that some referring to him as the Reds ace, something that they’ve sorely needed. I ran across an interesting tidbit in reference to the season Cueto is having (HT to Baseball Reference).

If you check out this short post, you’ll see that at the moment, Cueto is in some pretty good company. When you see your name in the same “category” as the likes of Lefty Grove, Carl Hubbell, Warren Spahn, and Jim Palmer (among others), you know you’re on the right course. The post on BR doesn’t need to explain much as the proof is in the numbers on this.

Where’s Ubaldo?

Remember when a good portion of Reds fans were hollering for the Reds to make a deal for Ubaldo Jimenez happen? Instead, the Colorado Rockies dealt him to Ohio’s other team, the Cleveland Indians. At the time all the chatter about a potential trade surfaced, it seemed a no-brainer that the Reds should make a hard play for him. I questioned a move based on the fact that Jimenez, while being somewhat effective, basically has only had one really good half-season. And Cleveland is now seeing the other side of Jimenez.

Through his first four starts, Jimenez isn’t exactly smelling success and neither has the Tribe. Cleveland sits 4.5 games behind the AL Cental leading Detroit Tigers. That will bring a smile to our friends over on Motor City Bengals, the Tigers blog for the FanSided Network. Those four games? Just look…

In his four outings, Cleveland is 1-3. Not exactly what you’d expect from a guy that’s sits atop the rotation. And if you view his game logs, it’s even less impressive. Jimenez has pitched more than five innings once and that was in his home debut, his second game, at Progressive Field, a pitcher’s park (98 for pitchers as rated on Baseball Reference).

Hindsight is always 20/20, but I like the fact that Walt Jocketty did give up what the Rox were asking for in order to obtain Jimenez. I wasn’t for it from the beginning.

What’s This Poll?

Gotta give Joel Luckhaupt a big HT on this. All you have to do is click the link and all will be revealed.

One crazy poll

Talk about a tough crowd…

Awesome Art

Non-baseball related, but I know this is a must see.

If Reds fans aren’t following artist Shawn Voelker on Twitter, you must. He does absolutely excellent work. Today, via Shawn’s Twitter, he posted a pic of one of his newest projects, a painting of Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley. Take a look.

As always, great work, Shawn!

Manic Monday

Is it me or does Susanna Hoffs have seductive eyes?

Anyway, enjoy your Monday!