Fine Line


A little over a week ago, Kerry produced a trio of polls where he asked your opinion about the certain situations. These polls are still open for your voting pleasure, so let your voice be heard on these.

That shameless plug for Kerry out of the way, I have a bit of an issue here. That issue has slowly developed over the last month. It’s has become a difficult time of the season for many Reds fans. While visions of  a repeat danced in our heads, it never materialized. We are now left with this dilemma…and whether the Reds brass should cross that thin line. What line am I referring to here? The line that separates playing the “best lineup” or give the young guys a shot”. That line.

I don’t think I’m the only one that finds the Reds chances of making the playoff a lost cause. I believe I’m far from that. Still, it is time to determine if the line should be crossed or not.

So, what should Walt and Dusty do? The best lineup also most likely means the most experience and possibly extra wins along the way. The young guns version may produce exciting individual plays, but may not include all that many more W’s. Look a little more at both.

Let’s say it really is time to determine if Yonder Alonso, Dave Sappelt, Todd Frazier and (wait for it) Devin Mesoraco are going to be part of your roster not only for 2012, but years ahead as well. If that’s the route we’re going, call up Mesoraco…now. Get him the reps and work he needs with the staff…now. For Alonso, will it be left or third? Sappelt, leadoff hitter or not. Frazier, same as Alonso. These guys wouldbe getting major league coaching here. Frazier and Alonso would get the coaching from Scott Rolen and Billy Hatcher. Sapplet also had Hatcher to help in the field and as a ledoff guy.

That leaves Mesoraco. He will need a mentor. His mentor in Louisville has been Corky Miller. Could Ryan Hanigan be that guy? You have to ask that because it will need to addressed.

If these guys begin to string a few wins together, it’s gravy. If not, at least they’re learning at the highest level possible. If it works, it will be seen as brilliant. If not, segments of the Reds fanbase will scream for the heads of Dusty and Walt (as is done on practically a  daily basis anyway).

There is a potential negative here…attendance. Seriously, if the wins aren’t present, the fans may not be either. You wil always get the diehards. That’s no question. It’s the fringe fans you need to bring home to GABP. If these guys can string wins while learning, the attendance factor is gravy as well.

So, instead the organization opts to keep putting the best lineup on the card and the wins keep coming. I know how this would go. Eventually there would be an outcry to give the young guys a chance even at the risk of sustaining losses. It’s already happened this season (Cozart is only one example).

And I realize we don’t want to hear the attendance issue anymore. We hear that every year…and we will continue to hear it as long as fans want the payroll to increase. It’s a necessary evil.

Back to the real issue here. Well, I pose a question to you. What should be done? Are you willing to cross that lone now? Let us know you’re thoughts on this. I’m sure there will be interesting responses.