Going Forward


Another non-waiver trade deadline passes and the Reds do not make a deal to improve the big league team. The only move Cincinnati made was sending Jonny Gomes to Washington for a couple of minor leaguers. If you want to catch a sneak peek on Bill Rhinehart and Chris Manno, head over to Seedlings to Stars. Nathaniel Stoltz has the skinny on those guys.

For me, this trade deadline was a little different from those in the past. I was not a pseudo Twitter junkie as I am now. It was interesting to see one of my timelines go absolutely non-stop between the hours of noon and the 4 PM closing of trade business. Something that really did not surprise me was the inactivity by the Reds. Outside of Ubaldo Jimenez and James Shields, there was little the Reds may have gained. Sure, Hunter Pence might have been a nice grab, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The most surprising fact was the number of Reds fans screaming for GM Walt Jocketty to make a deal. With the names that had already been swapped, there was little else available. It will be a similar situation this off-season via the free agency route. I doubt Cincy makes a big splash.

So, going foward…

We’ve already crowned Zack Cozart as the new shortstop. Despite having played in only 11 games this season, he has shown the he can hit and has nice range, glove and arm for the defensive side of the game. Keep in mind that 11 games by no means makes a player, but this kid looks legit on every level. One thing I add here, once Cozy comes off the DL and if the Reds are seriously not going to make the postseason, send Edgar Renteria on his way provided you can’t trade him. Get something out of it if you can.

What about Todd Frazier? He collected his first ML home run today against Barry Zito. I would be inclined to give him the majority of the games at third until Scott Rolen gets back. But here’s where a twist (of my own saying) could come into play. Why rush Rolen back into the lineup? The Cairo/Frazier tandem has been a pretty decent one to date. You do lose a little in the field, but you have gained at the plate.

And this deal about starting Yonder Alonso every game will most likely not happen. If the Reds are out of it, it becomes more of a reality. If Alonso can hold down the fort defensively out in left field, then you have yourself a whale of a bat in the lineup. And I know what follows…

Well, what about Chris Heisey then? Fans have been screaming for Heisey to get playing time. Now that Alonso is here, fans are wanting Alonso to get that time. If you were wanting Heisey to get the bulk of the work in left and are now among those wanting Alonso, I have a question: What happened? You simply cannot have it both ways. Personally, I play Heisey for now. If the Reds fall off in the hunt, play Alonso more as in everyday more. Gotta see what you have.

I think the boat may have been missed on Ramon Hernandez. What we are hearing is that Dusty wants a veteran catcher for the sake of the pitching staff. I imagine Hernandez is also a positive influence in the clubhouse. I doubt at this point a deal could be done because the team most linked to Monie, The San Francisco Giants, wouldn’t be able to get him. I doubt Hernandez would pass through waivers without another contending club claiming him.

Yes, we will see Devin Mesoraco this season. That’s the direction I’m going here. Some would have rather seen him a month ago, at least.

It is a bit frustrating. I can’t lie on this point. I thought when Gomes was shipped, the “open” sign for deals by Jocketty’s office was surely on. He did make efforts if you take the rumors that the Reds were in on certain players. He thought the price was too steep. In looking at a couple of deals, that maybe the case. Plus, you have to consider that Walt looks at aspects of club control and finances. He knows the limits he’s under, and we forget this isn’t his first time in this situation. As I have heard many times, sometimes that best deal you make is that one you didn’t make. Berra-esque, I know, but I do hold to that. You can’t make a trade just for the sake of making a trade. It has to make sense on every level, too.

There can still be deals. The only issue will be that players have to pass through waivers in order for it to get done. We should have our eyes open here. I think something may still happen.

If you look at what’s laid out here, there’s a chance the Reds do not have as many holes entering the next off-season as was perceived before this season.