Mind-Numbing and Mind-Blowing


Sometimes, it’s almost too funny. I’m not talking about the fact that the Reds dropped a 6-4 decision last evening, it’s how it all went down.

The Reds had Braves starter Jair Jurrjens on the ropes…and let him off of said ropes. And that is all on Reds manager Dusty Baker. Why? Because he didn’t trust the scoreboard’s count. It showed 2-2, which it was, but he thought it was 3-1.

“Um, question, Mr. Baker. Was there any uncertainty of the count when you called for the squeeze play? And, if you were unsure, why didn’t you ask you bench coach?”

I haven’t read anywhere that someone asked that to Dusty. He must have been sure the scoreboard was incorrect.

And what of the pitching…

Surrendering four home runs, three by starter Bronson Arroyo. You know, Reds fans were extremely rough on Edinson Volquez and his struggles (who by the way hurled a complete game win last night for Louisville). The same is beginning to surface with Arroyo. I mean, 29 dingers, Bronson? That’s what you gave up all of 2010. I’m tired of hearing about all the stuff regarding loss of velocity, blah, blah, blah (I already showed you the reason!).

Face it. He’s not right…period. DL his butt until he is. And for those calling for the Reds to trade Arroyo, I have to ask: Are your serious? Who would want a pitcher that has already allowed 29 home runs? Then, release him you say? He would be owed about $15 million the second he walks out of the clubhouse. You know, that money he deferred. Send him to the minors? Can’t, no options. That’s why you put him on the DL until he IS right. He’s had mono and a bad back. Pick one. It will work.

And on the pitch where Nick Masset surrendered the game-winning home to Dan Uggla (in the top of the 9th, no less), Masset said he was trying to go up and in. Um, I don’t think that was accomplished…not even close if you look at this (you’ll need to scroll down a bit. courtesy: Brooks Baseball)…

Okay, the location, considering what Masset said, completely sucked, but you have to tip your hat to Uggla. A pitch outside the strikezone at 96+mph?! Sure, it went oppo, but dude has forearms as big as my waist, and he muscled it into the seats for the win.

This is a head-scratcher for me.

So, my favorite Reds player, Jay Bruce, goes to see Dusty before last night’s game saying he can’t play due to dizzy spells. They get the medical peeps to check him over and Dusty takes him out of the starting lineup. No big deal. Really, no big deal. Seriously, it’s NOT a big deal…until…

I know the rest of this might be all talk, and it is from Twitter, so take this as you will.

Apparently after the game, Bruce was spotted at a local movie theater viewing a flick. Don’t car what flick, don’t care which theater. You might say “What’s the big deal? Guy can go to the movies”. You’d be right, if Jay Bruce was an everyday Joe, but he’s not. He’s an All-Star outfielder for the Reds. NFL fans can associate here. Remember what happened to Bears QB Jay Cutler after the NFC Championship game last season? Chicago remembers…Yes, I’m just sayin’. If you’re not sure to what I’m referring to, Google “Jay Cutler NFC Championship game injury”.

I suppose it all boils down to this…last season we saw the Reds winning games like this. Well, not the case in 2011. And even if the Reds were to make a trade, I’m not so sure it would be to the benefit of 2011. Hear me out on this…

The Reds currently sit five games back in the division. Not a big hole, but they also sit in fourth place. That means they have three teams to pass, not just one. That task is a little harder to negotiate. You rely more on other teams to aid in your pursuit and “just taking care of our own business” doesn’t apply so well in this current condition.

Am I ready to shut the door on 2011? Not yet. Not entirely anyway. There’s a crack.

And someone needs to shove the hell out of that door.