Rumors Running Rampant

You had to figure it would happen. A trade rumor hits Twitter, grows big legs…but, to me, brings quesiotnable legitimacy. The “reported deal” is between the Colorado Rockies and the Reds. The deal: Ubaldo Jimenez and Dexter Fowler in exchange for Devin Mesoraco, Todd Frazier, Edinson Volquez and the always popular PTBNL.

The reaction: Are you frickin’ serious? This is wrong on many levels.

First, Isn’t Mesoraco already being touted as the Reds starting catcher for 2012? To many, he is.

Second, Todd Frazier? Isn’t he supposed to be the guy to take over third from Scott Rolen? Could be unless Juan Francisco is still that guy.

Third, How the hell did Dexter Fowler’s name get thrown in as well as the PTBNL? What can Fowler bring to the Reds that is not already in the farm system or on the 25-man roster.

Finally, the person who tweeted this total load made this his/her very first tweet. Does that sound a little familiar? It should. It’s like the time we read on Twitter by someone with their very first tweet that Edgar Renteria would be DFA. How’d that go? Renteria played today…against my better judgement, that is.

And apparently, this proposed “deal” was good to a few. As long as the Reds kept Alonso, all was good. Really? Alonso is blocked position-wise and is learning left field in order to have a crack at the bigs as a Red. If there was a vluable chip for the Rockies to pursue, it would be Alonso. Todd Helton‘s not getting any younger…

But about all these names were hearing and reading…

Outside of Jimenez I have seen two other starters name come up either in a wish list or a rumor: James Shields of Tampa Bay and Felix Hernandez of Seattle.

While landing a legit ace like King Felix would be absolutely awesome, it simply does not make any economic sense. After this season, Hernandez is due $18.5 million in 2012, $19.5 mil in 2013, and $20 mil in 2014. This is completely impractical as he would be accounting for about 20%-25% of a guestimated team total payroll.

Shields? Kinda liking this one. As is the case with anything, it will depend on the rumored “demands” from the Rays. They have arms, and I’m guessing Alonso’s name would likely crop up as well. The Rays have Casey Kotchman, but he’s on a one-year deal.

But why would the Rays consider dealing Shields? They are still involved in a playoff race of their own. It’s that Tampa needs runs and if dealing Shields will land them an offensive upgrade, they could very well do the deal. The Rays have Casey Kotchman, but could use Alonso at DH until he re-adjusts to 1B.

And if you’ve been seeing names like Jason Isringhausen, Todd Coffey and even Heath Bell? John Fay says forget it. The Reds are not looking at relievers.

The names of position players befuddles me as well. We heard the Ryan Ludwick rumors some time ago. They had been shot down, but recently re-emerged (great…).

The only name I’ve heard that makes my ears perk up is that of Houston’s Hunter Pence. I repeat, the only one. Geroge Grande and the Mayor Sean Casey mentioned this during today’s broadcast. I know Pence is on a one-year deal and is arbitration eligible for the next two seasons. He could get a hefty payday and he beat the ‘Stros in arbitration this past winter for his current $6.9 million salary. He’s a deserved All-Star and could only make the Reds outfield even better.

I bring this up because one thing that the Astros new ownership might consider doing is a good old-fashioned housecleaning. Not sure I agree that Pence should be among those to go since he has emerged as a face of this franchise, but he could garner some nice pieces. All this guy does is play baseball.

Some may wonder about the future of Chris Heisey should this transpire (i don’t really think it would). Maybe Heisey is one going the other way. Houston would likely command an MLB ready player as part of the deal.

The list of other almost unmentionables: Josh Willingham from Oakland, Matt Diaz of Pittsburgh (That’s a head scratcher. Aren’t the Pirates fighting for the NL Central, too?), Chone Figgins of Seattle (please, no), Coco Crisp (one Coco is enough), Nate Schierholtz of San Francisco (not happening as Giants are in it to win it, too), and even the Mets Carlos Beltran (even with Mets eating a lot of $, don’t like the “rental” aspect).

Funny how it all rolls. What’s even funnier is that there’s hardly anything stating any of these names are even being considered by Walt Jocketty. However…Walt does play extremely close to the vest.

Yes, we’ just have to wait and see…