Reds Round Table: The Reds…Part I

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Dusty Baker: C- (and falling) – To his credit, he’s kept the clubhouse together (as far as we know), and this team is still within striking distance. However, there’s no doubt that this team has underachieved and ultimately some of the blame for that falls on Dusty’s shoulders. His curious in-game management has probably cost the Reds at least a game or two, and in a division this tight, it’s really not something this team can afford.

The next, GM Walt Jocketty. The average grade was a solid C, with BK delivering an incomplete and not figured into the final average. But it is interesting to note the broad range of grades here: B to F. Wow. I was blown away by the huge contrast of opinion on Walt. Well, here’s JinAZ for his take on Uncle Walt.

I don’t like making moves for the sake of making moves, and Jocketty isn’t someone who does that. I think they’ve done well in using a patient approach to handle both Volquez’s struggles and Chapman’s. Willis has looked like a good find, and I think the Reds’ outfield situation has been a best-of-a-bad-situation thus far. He hasn’t made any desperation trades (yet). I think you have to give him credit for building what he has, and sticking with it. But I doubt I’ll ever understand what the heck took so long with Cozart. That move came at least a month late. I don’t know if it really will matter, but it’s frustrating. I also would hope we’ll see him make a move soon to bring in some talent…this grade is based on the assumption that he will do something.

I really don’t think more can really be said in regards to Jocketty. A lot of us were puzzled at the length of time to call up Cozart. The one aspect of Walt I like was in JinAZ’s first sentence.

And let’s not forget this…last season, Walt did make a proposal to the Mariners for Cliff Lee. Will he call on Seattle again in order to obtain Felix Hernandez? I read on one blog (yes, just one) that Seattle would be better to keep King Felix and trade Michael Pineda. Also, small rumblings about the Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez emerged yesterday. Hmm…

There’s another great take I got on Walt, but I’m saving that for the “Best of”.

Bob Castellini was next, and it should come as no surprise that almost everyone gave Mr. Castellini a high score. Range: A+ to C-. Not sure I get the C- though. Chad puts this to bed really fast…

He’s proven himself willing to spend the money, and he has completely changed the way this organization views its fan base. He’s a great owner.

The final grade was assessed to the Reds fans. We all know what a frustrating year it has been considering so much was expected of this team. Well, Ronnie went a little extra on this.