Reds Round Table: The Reds…Part I

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You might be wondering why the “Part I” is attached to this one. Reason being is two-fold. First, I asked more questions since the Reds is where our collective interest is most prominent. Second, I received so many excellent answers that I didn’t want to short change the readers from seeing how varied we all are in regards to the team. And there was more variance than you might think. Hence, my decision to split this one into two parts.

All that were on hand yesterday are here with one exception and we have an addition. Tina from Rockin’ Redlegs, Ronnie from Big Red Redemption, Chad from Redleg Nation, and BK and JinAZ from Red Reporter return. The addition is Red Reporter’s RijoSaboCaseyWKRP. Justin of BRM takes the day off (excused, of course). The rest of the BRM holdovers (Alex, Kerry, Kevin and John) are back for this round.

So…let’s get going!

My first issue covers one that is on almost every Reds fans mind: What, if any, moves should the Reds pursue. There was one answer that had more reaction that any. a starting pitcher. Since RijoSaboCasyWKRP is the newcomer to the table, we’re sending him out first.

When you consider the defensive efficiency has been excellent, that the offense is scoring a lot of runs on a per-gam basis and the bullpen has been pretty solid, Cordero’s Milwaukee Meltdown notwithstanding, it’s the starting pitching that needs a pretty massive shot in the arm.

The most obvious move, in my mind, is to find a starter capable of doing what Volquez did in ’08 or something close to it. Cueto has been great, but he’s all alone right now as the Reds only pitcher with a sub-4.00 ERA. Peripherals/history suggests this will even out a little, but that may just mean Cueto regresses. This phantom pitcher might not be available, but you have to shake the tree hard. Or cut down the tree and start thinking about next year.

I’m hopeful, for the time being, that at least half-a-move has been made upgrading the offense at SS. Zach Cozart just has to hurdle a very low bar to improve the production there. The closer he gets to hitting like he has in Louisville this season, while playing better-than-Renteria defense, could mean a more dramatic improvement.

Seems an arm is a good consensus, but Kevin offers a series of moves…

Move number 1 would be to give up on Renteria or Janish at shortstop and let Cozart play shortstop for the remainder of the season. In his short time with the Reds, Cozart has proven that he’s just as good defensively and he’s got the bat that will be—at the very least—no worse than what the Reds already had. The second would be getting a starting pitcher. There aren’t that many out there, put the Reds are so loaded with prospects that (assuming they want to win this year) they could make an offer impossible for anyone to refuse.

All of those in favor of DFAing Edgar, raise you hands? That many, huh? Those for letting Cozart be the guy at short?

That is kind of a step toward the next issue. No question that a lot of Reds fans have felt a little frustrated at the team’s performance so far in 2011. I wanted to know what aspect has provided the most frustration.

There was a commonality, the consistency. But there are reasons some of my cohorts feel that way. Tina explains in great detail about her main frustration.