CONTEST! Community Collaboration Continues *WIN REDS TICKETS*


Are you disappointed you didn’t win the Reds tickets in our last contest? Worry not my fellow Reds fan. The Community Collaboration Contest is back!

The contest winner will receive 2 tickets to the Reds’ nationally televised game against the Braves on Sunday, July 24th at Great American Ballpark.

In case you missed the last contest, here are the details.

On May 20th, I wrote a summary of the Reds’ first quarter. My next task is to summarize the Reds’ second quarter of the season. After the game on Sunday, July 10th against the Brewers, the Reds will have completed 91 games, heading into the All-Star break. At this point, I will write a report on the Reds’ 2nd quarter of the season (this will cover the 47 games since my last “report’). In other words, the “Second Quarter Report” will cover the games from May 20th to July 10th. Keep in mind, the first quarter of the season will not be part of this report.

Here’s where you come in…

I would like Blog Red Machine readers to write the headline for the article described above.

Here are the rules

  • To enter the contest, you must have a twitter account.
  • On twitter, you must follow @BlogRedMachine AND @ckfreshness (following me personally is necessary so that I can “direct message” the winner. Twitter only allows “direct messages” between people who follow each other).
  • The contest will start as soon as the game ends on Sunday, 7/10. Keep in mind, the 7/10 game starts at 2:10 PM. (In the case of a game cancellation due to weather, the contest will start as soon as it is officially announced that the game has been postponed)
  • You will enter the contest by tweeting your headline. Your tweet must include “@ckfreshness” for tracking purposes.
  • Only one headline per twitter user will be considered. If you tweet more than one, we will only consider your first submission.
  • Submissions will end at 9 PM (Eastern Time). Anything submitted after 9 PM will not be considered.
  • Shortly after 9 PM, I will compile all of the submissions into a list. The headlines will be voted on by the staff writers of Blog Red Machine. We will vote without knowledge of the twitter user. This will ensure there is no favoritism given to friends of BRM writers.
  • Once the winning headline is chosen, I will send a message to the winner to determine how he/she would like to receive the tickets.

What we are looking for:

  • The headline must be written as I write all my headlines, using alliteration. To get an idea of my “style,” click here to view all my articles.
  • The extent to which you use alliteration is up to you. Certainly you don’t have to make every word start with the same letter. But if you’ve read any of my headlines you know, the more alliteration the better.
  • The headline must be relevant, in some way summarizing the Reds’ 2nd quarter of the season.
  • The headline should make sense. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability.
  • The use of humor is encouraged, but not required. In other words, relevance is more important. Don’t go for humor if it makes your headline irrelevant to the topic.
  • The headline must be short enough to meet twitter requirements (140 characters). However, you must include “@ckfreshness” in your tweet, so your headline will have to be 127 characters or less.
  • To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, here’s the winning headline from the last contest:  ”Restless Redlegs Rile Redbirds, Rally Regularly, Relent Rarely, Remain Resolved to Restore Rings to Riverfront.”

One more note, in my post, I will use the winning headline and announce the winner publicly. In addition, I will have an “honorable mention” section where I will post some of the other headlines submitted, and the twitter users’ names

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, or tweet me @ckfreshness.

Thanks, and good luck!