Player Profiles: An Introduction!


Whenever you go to the ballpark, you get to smell the air around you. The hotdogs are just begging to be scarfed down and enjoyed by your stomach. You go walk down (or up) the steps to your seats to watch your hometown diamond boys try to take home a win. You cheer on your favorite player, but do you really know who they are? Where they come from? What they bring to your team? Well, that last question, you probably already know by watching all of the games either on TV or at the actual ballpark. Just ponder it anyway! Well, if you are wondering about any of these questions, we have something for you to read and enjoy!

Every week during June, July, and August, we are going to have a new “column” called PLAYER PROFILES.  Each week, we will highlight a current Reds player on the 2011 roster and give you, the readers, and a general background on them. The three questions that I highlighted in the introductory paragraph that you obviously read before you got to this point will be answered for your enjoyment. You should not be disappointed and, if you are, please give us feedback on the article! ( ).

Here at BLOG RED MACHINE, we want to give our readers a bigger sense of community by getting to know who the people are they cheer for day in and day out.  By reading these, I hope you get to know something that you may not have known before. Out of these little weekly posts, I want to let the Reds fans know who is on their team, and who they are trusting to lead them to a World Series crown because honestly, don’t we want to be able to trust the people we cheer for.

This “series”, (baseball reference is good eh?) will give you, the fans, a look at your favorite player’s background in which I will not go too “in-depth”, just a little history on them and their lives before taking the field as a Cincinnati Red. These are chosen by me or suggestions from friends or READERS LIKE YOU! You can contact me via twitter at @jaimeleespears or @blogredmachine (Steve will get them!) or you can just email ( and we should get back to you on whether or not your suggestion got in! I bet you are asking, “But, Jaime, when will we be able to read these?” Well, no fear! They will be updated every other Sunday during the rest of the Reds season! (Hopefully, my tennis schedule will allow this!)

I hope all of you Reds fanatics are ready for this! Encouragement and criticism will be accepted in any form and I am not afraid to get criticized for what I write. Please enjoy this little series and if it carries, I may not have to cut it as a free agent next season, because I would really not enjoy doing that! And, remember, KEEP IT SNAZZY REDS!