Some Hits and Some Misses

So during yesterday’s off day, I decided to check on a couple of things. Nothing to difficult as my brain suffers from overload a lot more than in the past. I did kick back and ponder a bit on how the first month (kind of) of the season has gone.

As you would expect, some things I like, and others, not really. Well, here’s what a full day of nothingness produced…

Comparisons Can Be Dangerous
Perhaps the most common “theme” I’ve seen at various locations on these interwebs is this phrase:”But last year…” or some variation of it. While looking back at 2010 is a positive as far as the end result is concerned, but I question if we’re getting too close to arriving at the point where we can no longer go there. Just some quick peeks at 2010 in comparing to how the Reds have done thus far in 2011.

After the first 25 games in 2010, Cincy was 12-13 and 5 games back. For 2011, were a game better at 13-12, but sit 1 game back. That’s not bad at all, but here’s where I caution the masses on the referring to 2010. Break down the monthly records for 2010 and here’s what you get:

April: 12-11 (.522)
May: 18-11 (.621)
June: 14-13 (.519)
July: 14-12 (.538)
August: 19-8 (.704)
Sept/Oct: 14-16 (.467)

Can we honestly believe that a month like July 2010 (and maybe even May 2010) is in the mix for the 2011 Reds? I’m by no means saying that it can’t happen, but if you’re going to mention 2010, you do have to keep this in mind. I believe that if the Reds can achieve 91 wins again this year, they will repeat as division champs. Every team within the NL Central has a question mark. Also, the Reds did have only one month (kind of) where they were below .500 and that was the last month of the season. And if we want to be frank about this, it was that “losing month” that “forced” the Reds to have to face the Phillies in the NLDS.

Revisiting the RISP and LOB
After the first game against the Cards in st. Louis, the matter of RISP and LOB was screaming for a mention. Well, here’s how that all shook out over the whole road trip.

Game 1: RISP – 1-13; LOB – 11 (L)
Game 2: RISP – 1-6; LOB – 7 (W)
Game 3: RISP: 0-5; LOB 5 (L)
Series: RISP: 2-24 (.083); LOB 23 (1-2)

Game 1: RISP – 5-11; LOB – 6 (W)
Game 2: RISP – 0-1; LOB 3 (L)
Game 3: RISP – 4-13; LOB – 12 (W)
Series: RISP – 9-25 (.360); LOB – 21 (2-1)

I think it’s pretty obvious that there really is something about the Reds bats facing Cardinals pitching in clutch situations. That was extremely evident in the first game of that series. But a point is to be made here. These guys eventually have found a way…of sorts.

While the Reds were pretty darn good last season in the ol’ RISP department (.278) and have come close to that in 2011 (.271), the real difference come with RISP and 2 outs. 2010: .269. 2011: .198. There’s the real difference.

Fun Facts
– Only two Reds have appeared in all 25 games, Joey Votto and Drew Stubbs. Votto has started all 25 while Stubbs entered as a defensive replacement twice.
– Speaking of Stubbs, both extra inning games for the Reds have ended on a home run off his bat.
– After going 7-0 in his frist 7 decisions, Logan Ondrusek has dropped his last two.
– The Reds lead the NL in runs scored (132) and HR (31). But they also lead the NL in sacrifice flies (11).
– The only strting position player with a negative WAR: Jay Bruce with a -0.8.