Recapping the Cards Series

This is where I put a positive spin on the fact the Reds lost 2 of the 3 games over this past weekend, right? There aren’t many. The negatives really so outweigh the positives. I’ll actually hit on the negatives first because I like to save the best for last.

It seems like the Reds bats are still slumbering a bit. They managed only 8 hits the last two games of the series after popping 10 in the first game. You remember that first game, don’t ya? We’ll go back and begin it all there…

Call the “discussion” over the start of game one of the series what you want (“bush league” has been the comment I have seen the most), the fact remains that the Reds stranded 11 runners and hit a whopping 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position. Every chance to win that game was in reach, but never attained.

The middle game saw the Reds win and Joe Buck call maybe the most understated homer run of Joey Votto’s young career. Well, the entire broadcast was understated and almost unbearable to listen to on the TV. Actually, I did mute the set and flip on the radio and turn the dial to 700 WLW after the failed Votto call. I didn’t reveal that I had done such in yesterday’s post. If you read it, you know what I’m referring to here. If not, head over there after reading this.

For last night, I had mixed feelings about the game. I was correct. Edinson Volquez pitched an amazing game. He threw one bad pitch. Let me say that again: one bad pitch. Reds fans needs to seriously get off this guy. I know I even “offered” him in a preseason trade, but the fact of the matter is this guy can pitch. Except for that one pitch, Volquez was every bit as nasty as we’ve ever seen, yet people want this guy out of town. I feel for EV because some will always opine that he’ll never measure up to the guy sent packing to Texas.

And after that pitch, perhaps the most vile of Cardinals in Yadier Molina deposited that pitch in the left center seats. It was what occurred afterward that has Reds fans abuzz.

While I attempt, sometimes in vain, to be a voice of reason here, I cannot see how a three-run homer in the 6th inning warrants a curtain call. Grand slam? Sure. Your second homer of the game (regardless of inning)? Hells yes! Go for it! A three-run home run during the 6th inning on April 24th? Really? There was still three innings of ball yet to be played. As you see on Twitter…smh.

But I really get the feeling that this rivalry isn’t so much about the players as much as it is the fans of each of the teams. Oh, there’s ill will from the dugouts especially when you throw in the Brandon Phillips statement from last season, the Dusty/TLR past, players on both sides possibly making ill timed statements. The fans are doing the most jawing (well, um, tweeting), and it’s emanating from both sides for the Mississippi.

It will all be on in again come May 13-15 at GABP when the Cardinals visit.