Not a Shocker


Reds fans, do not fear. One day the Reds will be the top story on ESPN. When that day happens is yet to be determined.

Cincy could very well go on to win the World Series this season, yet the WWL will still find the means to push them back. The WWL will find the means to find, maybe even conjure up a story so the Reds don’t have to be the top dog.

After the Reds jetted out to a 5-0 start (and have since dropped 2 straight), I was anxious to see where that belonged on the WWL’s totem pole. You see, I am personally not a fan of the WWL. Just not my preference. Why? Permit me a sidebar here.

Opening day and baseball fans everywhere are excited for the start of a new season. What is the topic of discussion on Mike and Mike…Cam Newton. I don’t care if it’s the middle of the third hour. It’s Opening Day. I don’t want to hear about the NFL in any way, shape of form. That’s all we’ve heard ever since baseball’s regular season ended. The only time the playoffs really caught any attention was the outing Roy Halladay had against the Reds in Game 1 of last year’s NLDS. May be painful to a lot of Reds fans, but history is history.

So, I decided to give the WWL another chance to actually have baseball coverage on one of its shows…on Opening Day. FAIL. About a half hour into another WWL show, I’m hearing about what the Detroit Lions needs are with the “upcoming draft”. Upcoming? You mean like three weeks away…Sidebar done.

So, to return to my original rant, I’m watching BBTN. The Reds had defeated the Astros to go to 5-0 and are the lone undefeated NL team. Where does this rank in the minds up in Bristol? You know it’s not #1, but #2 isn’t too much to ask, right? No, no, no, no, no! Here’s the order from that evenings BBTN:

1. Boston Red Sox (go freakin’ figure that one!). The Sawx had dropped their fifth straight and the entire universe must certainly be out of alignment!
2. Texas Rangers. OK. I get this one. Last year’s AL champs and WS rep for the AL.
3. Baltimore Orioles? Really? I know manager Buck Showalter once worked there, but the O’s LOST! It gets better…
(Back from commercial) 4. The Reds

Yes, it wasn’t until after the first commercial that the then undefeated Reds made the cut on BBTN.

Have you seen the T’s the Reds sport with Charlie Sheen on them? I know BP has sent it around on Twitter. Well, the Reds also need one with Rodney Dangerfield because these guys get no respect.

I was referred to as a whiner when I brought up the point that the Reds haven’t hosted the first game of the season since 1989. I will undoubtedly be labeled as such again. I can see why those on the outside looking in would feel compelled to point such at me. I say to those…Come and see how it is on this side on the fence. See how you like it.

You wouldn’t because you couldn’t.