Reds Stories: Sunday Edition

Here’s my usually Sunday fodder for everyone. A look into the net and see what others say about the Reds whether in Cincy or not.

This week’s links take us from how others see the Reds in 2011 to a spotlight (of sorts) on a few players. All are interesting (or I wouldn’t suggest them) and, in some cases, educational…a bit educational. Don’t want to cram too much into your brain on a Sunday.

So, here’s this week’s posts.

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One thing that Reds fans harped on during the offseason was the perceived lack of activity from the front office. The Reds did make some deals, but most were “in-house”. We’ve made mention of that here as well.

But there is another that agrees (for the most part) in the path that GM Walt Jocketty pursued going into 2011. Want a quick view on what transpired during the offseason? MLB Trade Rumors has a nice synopsis.

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I’m not one that will come here and knock another writer’s post/story. I find that a bit rude. I wouldn’t expect that from even an “opposing” writer. This one did raise my ire a bit for reasons I will keep to myself and it has nothing to do with the final analysis.

But I’ll let you be the judge and see if you can locate my issue (besides what resides between my ears).

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No question that Reds first baseman Joey Votto has received his fair share of accolades over the last couple of seasons. Last season saw him capture the NL MVP and Hank Aaron Award. 2011 will be different for Votto though. Teams will be even more willing to pitch around him that in times past.

But there’s someone that thinks Votto can repeat as the NL MVP. I like some of the logic in this piece. Actually, I like a lot of it, bubt we all know some things have to fall precisely in place for that repeat to occur.

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Ever since all the talk about prospects surfaced late last year, a lot of the buzz concerning the Reds has been aimed at Billy Hamilton. He has impressed yet another in John Fay.

We’ve been impressed. Now, Fay joins the ranks. This is a short piece, but he does provide a couple of instances where Hamilton shines.

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For me it’s always a good read when there’s an article about a player that has experienced a life changing moment. Mark Sheldon of Mark My Word and tells us of a situation in which Sam LeCure’s “transformation” occurred. Sheldon also tells us that LeCure has thrust himself into the debate about his status and the Reds pen.

Later today, I will be unveiling our winner of this weeks fan guest post. I was floored when I read the winning entry, too. Thanks to those that provided us with such and we hope you continue to do such and for reading Blog Red Machine.

For next week’s fan post, we simply want your opinion on any Reds player. No other guidelines will apply. You pick the player. You pick the words. We pick the winner. Simple, huh?