Out in the Division


So here we are. About a week into the exhibition season. Things are already heating up for roster spots…and inner turmoil has as well in this week’s look around the weblogs of NL Central teams.

It can be a fascinating study to see how those outside of the Reds fanbase view their own teams. With the good is always the bad as you’ll see in this week’s selection of links.

Chicago Cubs:

Clipped from: muskat.mlblogs.com (share this clip)

I really don’t read enough of Carrie Muskat’s work. She’s covered the Cubs since 1987. Plus, Carrie will be approaching 10 years as the Cubs beat writer for MLB.com. Advanced congrats, Carrie.

The title of this particular post is not only ironic, but true. By now we all know of the fracas between Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez. That is supposedly now a dead issue. Everything’s all good. I do find it strange that this happened during spring training. Kinda early in the season, isn’t it? And to think that Carlos Zambrano wasn’t involved either makes this a little peculiar.

Silva, who was acquired in the Milton Bradly deal, is fighting to be the #5 starter. That in itself is ironic. Plus, if Silva doesn’t perform this spring, he could be looking elsewhere for work.

Houston Astros:

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Originally, the prognosis on Jason Castro’s knee wasn’t good. Now, it really is even worse. Climbing Tal’s Hill, FanSided’s Astros blog, explores the depth (or maybe the lack thereof) at the catching position.

One name that is mentioned is J.R. Towles. Remember when Towles was a can’t miss? Well, so far he has missed. I’m curious if the Astros might be better served to pursue other options. They do still have Humberto Quintero, but we all know a catcher simply cannot play 162 games. They may not be able to play 150.

Brandon Croce brings up Benjie Molina. Interesting…I don’t think Molina would be able to get two cuts of the postseason pie.

Milwaukee Brewers:

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The Milwaukee Brewers have signed third baseman Casey McGehee to a contract extension. Jaymes Langrehr of The Brewers Bar thinks this is (was) a bad decision. Why? A couple of good reasons actually. I won’t steal Landrehr’s thunder on this.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

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Wanna know what some Pirates think of the current state of affairs in Pittsburgh? This piece from Yahoo! will open your eyes a bit. What fascinated me even more was the headline of an $80 million payroll on down the road. There are a few parts that forced me to pause. I’m sure you will as well. Yes. Read this.

St. Louis Cardinals:

Clipped from: www.i70baseball.com (share this clip)

The gang over at I-70 Baseball is excellent, but I don’t think I need to say a whole lot here. I highly recommend this post only because it delves just a bit into Rolen’s departure from St. Louis. Just a bit…

Well, I can say one more thing…

Go Reds!