Want a higher payroll? Buy Tickets!


As the Reds head into each offseason, the number one question on Reds fans minds is what is the payroll going to be and will we be able to sign the big free agent that each team dreams of having.

The answer given to them by Walt Jocketty and the front office is that payroll will not increase much this offseason, and because we are a small market team, we will not have the pay roll room to offer the top free agents.

Well there is a great way for Reds fans to assure their teams continued success at signing their young talent, at getting more free agents, at being able to acquire a key piece at the deadline, buy tickets and go to games.

Since the Reds are not in a huge market, they will never have the best TV contract or the most lucrative endorsements, so the Reds will have to rely on attendance as their main source of revenue. Last season a little over 2 million people came through the turnstiles at Great American Ballpark. That ranked the Reds at 20th in the major leagues and second to last among playoff teams.

The Reds averaged 25,438 per night at GABP, and that was up from 21,000 in 2009. In 2010, the Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals, and Astros all ranked ahead of the Reds in attendance. However, down the stretch the fans came out to the ballpark in masses for the Reds.

A full season of that good attendance will go a LONG way in elevating the Reds payroll. John Fay wrote that an attendance hike to 2.5-2.8 million could elevate the Reds payroll into the 90-100 million dollar range. That amounts to an extra 500,000 fans having to come through the turnstiles at Great American Ballpark.

As fans, I can assure you that we can reach that number. Season ticket sales are up 10% from last season, but Bob Castellini hopes that they will continue to rise.

“They [season tickets] have to be up to sign these guys like we did,” Castellini said. “We’ve got to sell more season tickets, all the way down to single tickets. Everyone understands that in our organization. They’re all trying to make that happen.”

Season tickets are not the only way to get to the ballpark, however. The Reds also offer half-season plans, 20 game packs, 12 game packs, and 4 game flex packs (the flex 4 pack guarantees you tickets to one of the Yankees games when they come to Great American Ballpark in late June). And of course single game tickets will go on sale toward the middle or end of February. Having people pack the stands will not only help payroll, it will help the team on the field.

The energy in the ballpark will be up, and the players will be energized as well. When you are bored on a Monday or Tuesday night, let’s all make an effort to head to the ballpark. If we support this club, we will WITHOUT A DOUBT be rewarded!!

Here is a link to the ticket packages that the Reds are offering. Let’s make this happen!


Go Reds!