Roster Logjam?


Got to thinking earlier today. A legit thought, too.

I know it’s only mid December, but what could the 2011 roster look like?

Once I asked myself that question, it flowed with a couple of concerned thoughts.

Here’s my best early attempt at it.

Position players: Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Paul Janish, Scott Rolen, Jonny Gomes, Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce, Ramon Hernandez, Ryan Hanigan, Miguel Cairo, Juan Francisco, Chris Valaika, Chris Heisey
(13 position players)

Pitchers: Bronson Arroyo, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, Travis Wood, Mike Leake, Edinson Volquez, Homer Bailey, Aroldis Chapman, Nick Masset, Logan Ondrusek, Arthur Rhodes, Bill Bray, Francisco Cordero
(13 pitchers)

Too many, I know. Of course, Rhodes isn’t technically a Red yet. There’s that issue of a contract. I don’t believe that’s wishful thinking either. Teams have passed on Sir Arthur thus far (Philly being one).

I have difficulty thinking that Walt, Dusty and the likes would take 12 pitchers (especially seven starters) to Cincy once spring training ends. One (or more) could be dealt between now and the beginning of the time in Goodyear, Arizona. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Wood or Leake started the 2011 season in Louisville provided no trade is made. Volquez could even be that guy if he struggles during the spring. Even if Wood or Leake are down there at the start of the season, another starter would also have to be designated to the minors.

Another observation looking at my list. Not enough position players. Normally, Baker despises using his backup catcher unless his hands are tied into doing so. That limits your bench even more. That would be why I feel only 11 pitchers would head north.

Even if a deal is completed sending an arm or two the other way, the Reds do have other arms available in the form of Sam LeCure and Matt Maloney. Both have proven that the stage is not too big for them. Both provided the Reds some relief while Bailey was on the DL and the Reds waited on Volquez to return. Louisville should be loaded with starters next season as well. After all, the Bats were the Triple-A team of the year in 2010.

And fall asleep on the likes of Jose Arredondo (Tommy John surgery that kept him out all of 2010), Jared Burton (tendered), and Jordan Smith as others that could inhabit the bullpen.

The Reds are stocked with arms. The majority of those arms are young. You might say they may be overstocked. Young arms are a precious commodity in the biz. Jocketty doesn’t necessarily have to burn the cell looking for action. He knows what he holds. Any deal in the wings should come to him. It may have during the winter meetings and he’s merely wishing to ponder a few items. He may have even fielded an offer or two and determined it wasn’t in the cards.

In essence, the Reds hold valuable cards if another team does ring Walt’s phone. Very valuable cards.