Reds Links, Blogs, and Other Thoughts

Interesting blog posts and website stories with my thoughts of the week.

Jim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors speculates that the Reds may be after Brandon Webb
The Reds could use Webb has a safety blanket and a second workhorse in the rotation along with Arroyo. Webb has been a 20 game winner before, and assuming his injuries are behind him, he could be pretty good again.

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer releases the Reds spring training schedule just released
The Reds will play 32 games this spring; 17 of which will be at the new Goodyear ballpark. Pitchers and catchers report on the 16th of February, and the rest of the team the 19th.

Jason A. Churchill of writes that the Reds are willing to trade closer Cordero
Churchill writes that the Reds can only trade Cordero if they pay part of his salary for next season. With no heir apparent to Cordero, he speculates that the Reds could go after other middle-late inning relievers.’s Mark Sheldon blogs that Jay Bruce is open to a long-term deal
Bruce is one of the Reds who are eligible for arbitration this winter, which means he will receive a pay raise. The Reds would love to lock up one of their young stars for several years.

Chad Dotson of Redleg Nation blogs about whether Homer Bailey is actually as good as the Reds see him
Bailey has shown flashes of brilliance each of his last two seasons, but injuries and inconsistency have kept him from consistent success. He is still only 23, however.’s Jerry Crasnick writes about the very busy MLB offseason so far
The MLB offseason has been filled with story lines so far. The Reds have remained fairly quiet so far, but as the market thins out and some remain unsigned, the Reds could jump.

Thoughts of the week:
So the NL manager of year blew a 6.5 game lead on Aug 25…lost 10 in a row…went 14-17 from Sept 1 and missed playoffs….HOW DID DUSTY NOT WIN???

Joey Votto better win the MVP!
I am sad to see Joe Morgan not continue on Sunday Night Baseball. He has taken some heat for his announcing, but I always enjoyed him.

The Reds really need a leadoff man. However, has everyone given up on Stubbs ever being our leadoff hitter again.
I favor Mike Leake over Travis Wood. I know Wood is a crafty lefty, but Leake was very very good through June last year, and people should not forget that.

The Reds may not be paying Aroldis Chapman to just pitch one inning at a time, but they aren’t paying him to spend several years in AAA trying to perfect his secondary pitches as a starter either.

Signing Brandon Webb could be very exciting. He has won 20 games before in his career, and has been an ace. I think a little money on that end could end up paying off ten fold if Webb can find a semblance of his 2007-2008 form.

Bryan Price sure seemed to make a connection with the pitching staff last season. They sure seemed to be more consistent than they were with ole Dick Pole.

Go Reds! Get that leadoff hitter.