A Call to All Reds Fans

Listen up, Reds fans…

With today being an off day during the NLDS, I want to take this opportunity to address a few “issues” in light of yesterday’s 4-0 loss in Game 1 to the Phillies.

First, I cannot believe some of the comments attached to blog posts, columns, articles, etc. about the game. I have read that a few so-called Reds fans are stating that yesterday was an embarrassment and a disgrace. Being no-hit is just that, being no-hit. To proclaim this as an embarrassment is insane. What is embarrassing that these Reds fans would turn their backs on their team due to one freakin’ game. Think bout this…it’s one game no matter how deflating it might be to you, no matter the outcome. The Reds are still down only 1-0 in the series.

Second, when you lose, do it with a little bit of class and dignity. One of the Reds veteran leaders, Orlando Cabrera, came out and stated that home plate umpire John Hirschbeck played a key role in Halladay’s no-hitter. Don’t take this road. From John Fay’s blog:

“It was a bad combination with John back there,” Cabrera said. “He gave him every single pitch. A guy like Halladay feeds like that. It makes it nearly impossible with a guy like that. He can hit every single corner, and he was low in the zone.“He and the umpire threw a no-hitter. Another umpire and another zone, he wouldn’t have been able to throw a game like that. Basically, he was getting every pitch. We had no chance.”

That’s the way to lose with a little humility. I know some suggest the same in that Hirschbeck’s strike zone was a tad different for both teams. And as noted, the TBS strike zone tracker (or whatever the hell they call it) was showing that very point. But to use that as a reason you were no-hit? Why not man-up and admit you were outclassed? Funny thing is that no other Reds player offered the same “explanation”.

The part about losing with dignity comes from Joey Votto. Also from Fay:

“I appreciate right it now,” Votto said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Roy. To throw a no-hitter in your first postseason game is amazing.”

He’s already learned how to handle the situation. Professionally.

Third, I always like to give the opposing fanbase the benefit of the doubt regardless of the reputation of that fanbase. Philadelphia’s rep is less than stellar and we still hear about the time they booed Santa. But the same about losing with dignity and grace applies to winning with dignity and grace as well. In my post from yesterday, I received a comment from a Phillies fan that refelcts just that point. Thanks to Benager for this:

I’m a Phillies fan, but as I see it, Reds headlines (or at least sub-titles) could still read “Reds bullpen one-hit, shutout Phillies in 6.1 innings”.Phillies didn’t really get anything going after the 2nd inning…

That’s a classy way to go. Just as I tip my cap to Roy Halladay for a memorable outing yesterday, I tip my hat to this Phillies fan. No, it doesn’t always happen that way, but I will not give those that troll on opponents message boards any type of recognition.

Remember, it’s only a game and it’s only one game.