Cowherd Will Never See

I suppose all Reds fans have heard it by now. And I suppose I should be a bigger person and let it go. But…I can’t. I simply cannot let the joker known as Colin Cowherd of ESPN get away with calling the Reds frauds. I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t get into it, but, as late as it all hit me, I feel the urge. I know Paul Daugherty can fend for himself, but this guy honestly needs not only a brain overhaul, but a personality makeover.

First of all, I can bet reasons that Cowherd isn’t responding to e-mails from Doc and Reds fans is because he has no clue how to navigate his e-mail. Sure, if you watch the simulcast on ESPNU, but that doesn’t mean anything. He’s probably playing Bejeweled Blitz for all we know. Plus, his staff hasn’t properly trained him in the field. Or maybe he hasn’t responded because it’s the weekend and “big stars” in his line of work don’t have to work the weekend. Or Cowherd won’t say anything because he’s wrong and his ego cannot be checked enough.

Now he can say he’s been at ESPN for a while (since 2004), but I cannot comprehend how you can work at the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports and be so freakin’ uninformed.

When Joey Votto won the vote to be the last player selected for the NL All-Star team, Cowherd was insistent that Votto’s stats were inferior to those of Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard and Adrian Gonzalez. Tim addressed that Cowherd was an idiot. (History lesson upcoming.) Reds fans knew at that time Votto deserved to go over all three, if Cowherd’s assumption that stats do matter comes into play. Cowherd also made a remark that he thought Votto had done some type of odd job for him over the previous weekend. Classy.

Here’s the lesson. The stats of all four at the break.

Votto: 22 HR, 60 RBI, .314 BA, .422 OBP, .589 SLG, 1.011 OPS
Gonzalez: 18 HR, 56 RBI, .301 BA,. 397 OBP., .533 SLG., .930 OPS
Howard: 17 HR, 65 RBI, .294 BA., .350 OBP., .509 SLG., .859 OPS
Pujols: 21 HR, 64 RBI, .308., 416 OBP., .576 SLG., .992 OPS

The only stat in which Votto was not at the top was RBI. But maybe that’s why Cowherd kind of changed his tune and went another direction.

Last week Cowherd then stated that Votto was a product of GABP. Doc pointed out the difference in Votto’s stats for games at home and on the road. Including last night’s stats, here are Votto’s splits:

Home: 56 G, 15HR, 43 RBI, .306 BA, .397 OBP, .568 SLG, .965 OPS
Away: 58 G, 13 HR, 40 RBI, .336 BA, .441 OBP., .603 SLG., 1.044 OPS

Seems to me that outside of homers and RBI that Joey is a more dangerous road player. That’s what I get out of it. Wasn’t hard for me to find that necessary data either. But maybe Cowherd isn’t satisfied with that. I can further the claim of someone, NOT Votto, being the product of “home cooking”. Look no further than the first baseman that is considered the gold standard, Albert Pujols.

I know Cardinals fans will be seeing this and thinking I’m dragging Pujols into this because Pujols is having a “down year by Pujols standards”. Could be true, but it’s not despite the fact that I’m a Reds fan. Here’s the proof, “down year” or not:

Home: 62 G, 17 HR, 47 RBI, .352 BA, .441 OBP, .652 SLG, 1.093 OPS
Away: 57 G, 15 HR, 41 RBI, .277 BA, .376 OBP, .532 SLG, .908 OPS

No. You’re looking at it right. Pujols’ road stats are inferior to his home stats, as a whole. We Reds fans know that he hits very well at GABP. I wonder what those numbers would be if GABP stats were taken out? They would be even lower.

I’m not expecting to garner a response from Cowherd personally or from any of his ESPN cronies either. He thinks he’s way too sophisticated for that. He doesn’t read blogs because he’s called out on crap on a daily basis. Guess he doesn’t like all the negativity. Again, job. I won’t e-mail him anymore because all you get is an obviously automated response thanking you for your comments and that ESPN hopes you continue to listen to Colin. Whatev.

That’s why I went this route. Maybe, just maybe, instead of seeing the subject line of an e-mail and having his crack staff delete it, Cowherd will be able to comprehend seeing it on a screen.

Then again, maybe he’s just not a Cincy kind of guy.

Thank God.