5 worst free agent signings in Cincinnati Reds history

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas.
Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas. / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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The Cincinnati Reds have typically chosen to build their roster from the inside. General manager Nick Krall made the pronouncement earlier this season that Cincinnati must develop their internal prospects in order to have success.

That's not earth-shattering news, as a large majority of small market clubs find the most success when they're able to draft and develop their own talent. See the 2015 Kansas City Royals who won a World Series title with most of their roster comprised of homegrown talent.

But there are those key free agent signings that can oftentimes put a team over the top. Unfortunately, the Cincinnati Reds do not have the best track record when it comes to free agent signings. What are the five worst contracts in Reds history?

5. Alex Gonzalez, Reds shortstop (2007-2009)

Alex Gonzalez was part of the Cincinnati Reds organization from 2007-2009. The shortstop, who'd previously been part of the World Champion Florida Marlins back in 2003, signed a three-year/$14M contract with the Reds prior to the 2007 season.

Gonzalez was brought in to offset the loss of Felipe Lopez who was traded to the Washington Nationals the previous summer. Cincinnati shipped the shortstop along with Austin Kearns and Ryan Wagner to our nation's capital in exchange for relievers Gary Mejewski and Bill Bray as well as Royce Clayton, Brendan Harris, and Daryl Thompson.

Gonzalez fared well in his first season in the Queen City. He slashed a respectable .271/.325/.468 while recording 16 home runs and 55 RBIs. But Gonzalez only played in 110 games that season.

In 2008, Alex Gonzalez suffered a fracture in his left knee. While it was assumed that the shortstop would be out for short period of time, Gonzalez ended up missing the entire 2008 season. In 2009, the Reds waived Gonzalez and he was eventually picked up by the Boston Red Sox. In his two-plus years with the Reds, Gonzalez posted an OPS of just 702 and appeared in just 178 games.