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3 surprise teams who could make a late-charge and steal Luis Castillo from the Dodgers and Yankees

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Castillo (58) looks on.
Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Castillo (58) looks on. / Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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2. The Orioles could steal Luis Castillo from the Dodgers and Yankees.

When it comes to farm systems throughout Major League Baseball, few teams have a more impressive group of young talent than the Baltimore Orioles. According to MLB Pipeline, Baltimore has two prospects ranked in the Top 5 and five ranked in the Top 100.

The Baltimore Orioles have the horses to get a deal done with the Cincinnati Reds, but the question is will they? The O's are one of the middle-of-the-road teams who could sneak into the playoffs, but it's doubtful that they would make much noise if/ when they get there.

But the fans in Baltimore have been starved for winning baseball, and the Orioles are less than five games back in the hunt for that last Wild Card spot. Luis Castillo would certainly upgrade their rotation and could be the team's ace for this year and next. With so few long-term commitments, the Baltimore Orioles undoubtedly have the resources available to offer Castillo a contract extension as well.

Adding Luis Castillo would help Baltimore both in the short-term and the long-term. It could put the O's in prime position to swoop into the postseason this year and see what happens. Then, next year, Baltimore could be one of the more exciting young teams vying to make some noise during the 2023 season.