Cincinnati Reds: Top 5 free agent signings of all-time

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Cincinnati Reds

27 Jul 1995: First baseman Mark Carreon of the San Francisco Giants attempts to tag outfielder Ron Gant of the Cincinnati Reds at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California. The Reds won 14-6. Mandatory Credit: Otto Greule, Jr. /Allsport

Free agency is baseball’s ultimate gamble. Since its inception in 1976 the Cincinnati Reds haven’t always got it right, but here are five instances in which their front office produced winning hands.

With the MLB offseason in full swing and the Cincinnati Reds promising to improve their starting pitching, a couple free agent signings appear imminent this winter. Try as you might, you never know if a new addition is going to succeed or crash and burn.

Free agency is baseball’s ultimate gamble. Sometimes, a team with the best intentions, can make a massive signing in the offseason with hopes of contending for a World Championship, only to see the perceived superstar not live up to the hype. Other times, what may be viewed as a nice addition to the bench, becomes a key piece to division title pursuit.

The Cincinnati Reds have never been one to wade too deep into free agency. A small-market team, the Reds generally rely on scouting, developing young talent, or maybe a trade or two in hopes of improving the roster. This offseason, Reds Country is hoping for a change, looking toward free agent additions to help propel their team into contention.

The Reds have had their fair share of free agent failures over the years, but have had several successful signings as well. Let’s take a look back and check out some of the Reds best free agent signings of all-time.

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