Cincinnati Reds: Establishing their best player ever

Over the past week, we here at Blog Red Machine asked all of you to name some of the best/your favorite Cincinnati Reds players of all-time. In that time we feel we have compiled a group of 64 former and current players who embody and exemplify what it means to be a Red.

The bases of our list has included some form of the following: Personal success, team success, statistics, attitude, personality and likability. In determining who the “best Red ever” is, we wanted to incorporate what Reds fans look for in their players and we feel this will do so.

We have created a 64-player bracket with four groups of players seeded 1-16. The left side of the bracket contains players from the pre-1990 Reds teams and the right side includes players from the 1990s until now.


Now again, here is what we have planned for all of you!

Each day for the first round of the tournament we will have a short post on highlighting the Matchup of the Day. Additionally, we will run a poll on Twitter — so sign up for an account and give @blogredmachine a follow if you have yet to do so — for 24 hours and allow all of you to vote for the winner in that day’s matchup. We will update you when the results are complete on the winner of each matchup. And we encourage each of you to retweet, share and interact with our polls to allow us to provoke intelligent discussion from Reds fans to fellow Reds fans and get the most accurate results possible. 

For each round thereafter we will run the post on the BRM site highlighting the coming Matchup of the Day, but the Twitter poll will follow the day after — again for 24 hours.

You are welcome to use any combination of criteria for determining YOUR winner for each matchup, as the “best Red ever” is ultimately dependent on personal interpretation.

Our first matchup will begin tomorrow between 1-seed Barry Larkin and 16-seed Eddie Taubensee. Keep watch for the post here on the site as well as the poll on Twitter. Both are expected to go live at approximately 6 a.m. EST. We hope to see each of you participating and urging discussion!