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Cincinnati Reds Week Five Grades

By Matt Wilkes

It there’s one word to describe the Cincinnati Reds through five weeks of the 2015 season, it’s mediocre. Week five was another average one for the Cincinnati Reds, as they won two out of three games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, but lost two out of three with the Chicago White Sox. Their 3-3 record on the week put them at an overall record of 15-16.

As in weeks past, that results in the same mediocre grades we’ve seen all season.

C. While the offense scored 27 runs for a healthy 4.5 runs per game average this week, 17 of those 27 runs came in two games. For that reason, it’s hard to give the team any better than a C grade again. The Reds did have some good individual performances, led by <strong><a href=. Game Ball. Marlon Byrd. OFFENSE

Game Ball Standings:

1. Joey Votto (2)

2. Todd Frazier (1)

2. Brandon Phillips (1)

2. Marlon Byrd (1)

Mike Leake. STARTING PITCHING . B. For the most part, the starting pitchers were solid this week and kept the Reds in games with the exception of <strong><a href=. Game Ball

Game Ball Standings:

1. Johnny Cueto (2)

1. Mike Leake (2)

2. Anthony DeSclafani (1)

F. For the second time in five weeks, the bullpen gets a failing grade (they still haven’t earned better than a D). It was looking like the bullpen would finally get a good grade through the first two games of the week, but things fell apart from there as they played a big part in all three losses. In Thursday’s game, <strong><a href=. Game Ball. J.J. Hoover. BULLPEN

Game Ball Standings:

1. J.J. Hoover (2)

2. Aroldis Chapman (1)

2. Carlos Contreras (1)

2. Pedro Villarreal (1)

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