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Cincinnati Reds Pitchers and Catchers Report


It’s here. Pitchers and catchers have reported. After four long months of winter, the boys are back in town, and by town, we mean Goodyear, Arizona.

The men who hurl white spheres towards masked men behind the dish have appeared in the 80-degree Arizona weather like cowboys escape their snow-white backgrounds. As the snow piles up in the Queen City, Cincinnati Reds pitchers climbed hills of dirt, opposed to snow, as the season has in someway officially begun.

Gone are the Instagram pictures of Air Chapman and his entourage; the tweets from Donald Lutz on his journeys throughout Mexico; Tucker Barnhart’s die-hard Colts obsession on Twitter; Brandon Phillips and his talk of his “debbies” (which is sure to continue for the remainder of time); all of this we leave behind us in the darkness that can be described as the off-season.

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do; I stare out the window and wait for spring.” The immortal Rogers Hornsby, Hall of Fame second baseman, has dubbed arguably the most recognizable quote about baseball and her off-season. While most of us don’t sit idly by our windowsills waiting for the seasons to change, Hornsby represents the category that even the best of ballplayers can’t wait for this great game to get going once again.

We are only 13 days (!!!!!) away from Spring Training games beginning on March 3 against the Cleveland Indians. The remainder of the Reds squad will meet down in Goodyear on Monday morning, but workouts beginning tomorrow.

The 2015 season has arrived.