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Robert Stephenson and Jesse Winker Soar up Top 100


The beauty of the ranking of minor league prospects is that each evaluator has a different opinion. has now released their “MLB Pipeline” evaluations, which serve as a neat, interactive-style feature to check out their own list of top 100 prospects across baseball. For Cincinnati Reds fans, the list serves up some exciting news.

Earlier this morning, we displayed Jesse Winker and Robert Stephenson’s spots on ESPN’s prospects list. This afternoon, we’ll take a peak at where has them. (Hint: higher on the list)

Robert Stephenson – P – #24 overall – #8 right-handed pitcher

While Stephenson barely snuck into ESPN’s top 50, has him inside the top 25. In addition to that, their praise is effusive, “Stephenson’s stuff is still as electric as just about any pitching prospect in baseball.”

Based on the scouting scale, which runs from 20-80, Stephenson is rated at 70 for both his fastball and his curveball. While his control sits at a paltry 45, he is still rated a 60 overall, with a projected arrival date of 2016 attached to his name.

Jesse Winker – OF – #26 overall – #4 outfielder

There are only three other outfield prospects that rank in front of Winker: Byron Buxton, who is widely viewed as the next coming of a Mike Trout-style player; Joc Pederson, who the Los Angeles Dodgers shifted around their multi-million dollar outfield to make room for; and Jorge Soler, who already showed off his talent when he homered against the Reds in his first Major League at-bat last season.

“As the best hitter, especially left-handed, the Reds have developed since Jay Bruce, Winker is often compared to the Reds’ right fielder,” said, “He could be playing in the same outfield as him in the not too distant future.” With a projected arrival date of 2016, don’t be surprised if next spring, the two are manning the corner outfield spots together.