Reds News

I’m Done

By Justin Hamilton

No, not with this blogging thing (though maybe some of you might like that?, no no…happier thoughts) but with the hopes of a 2011 Reds postseason. Just as Steve gave a good layout of the reasons why yesterday, I am going to act on them and rant and rave a little while to boot.

I love my teams, good or bad, but they can and do frustrate me into periods of a quasi sports hibernation. This iteration of the Redlegs are doing just that. Good teams teams playing good are fun to watch and the  box scores are usually smiley. Bad teams playing bad have a reason for cruddy play and usually give a good underdog vibe which makes rooting fun even when dubyas are hard to find. Bad teams playing good, they makes things exciting at the very least. Above anything in sports, I cannot stand a good team playing consistently and stupendously bad and uninspired. And that last statement ladies and gentlemen sums up the 2011 Reds roundly.

I am a bit of a glutton for sports punishment (I’m a St. Louis Rams fan as well) but a writer couldn’t script some of the follies and methods of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory that the Reds have accomplished this season. Every time it looks like things will turn we will see a 10-9 loss where what should have been the tying run was scored in the 9th except an opposing run was allowed the last inning on a wild pitch. Lapses in concentration and focus combined with no sense of urgency has slowly deflated the season along with many a fan’s enthusiasm.

Lack of play is one thing, and deserves the majority of the blame. But like a score multiplier in a video game, managerial mistakes and puzzling personnel decisions compound the putrid. Edgar Renteria looks to treat playing short and batting with the same demeanor and fervor with which I would exude if made watch every episode of Jersey Shore yet he still bats second on a bi-daily basis. We saw the same revolving door of slumping veterans man positions while 3 capable replacements roamed the diamond in Louisville.

Frustration abounds tonight for this Reds fan and I hope that in the conclusion of this cruelly tragic comedy that this “nail in the coffin” manifesto marks the beginning of a miraculous run that saves the season and it’s all been an elaborate reverse jinx. I hope.