Reds Round Table: The Finale

By Steve Engbloom
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Well, here we are at the last of the RRT discussions. Yesterday , we started with questions regarding the Reds. Today, we finish those and have a tad of fun with something else. Let’s not waste any time and get right to the responses on more issues concerning the Reds.

We left on after delivering letter grades. One thing going forward for all within the Reds organization concerns the status of second baseman Brandon Phillips, probably the most popular player on the roster. During the off-season, the Reds doled out a bit of coin to Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto, and all look like solid investments as of this point. But the question remaining was that of BP and what the Reds should do about his contract. The panel reacts to my query…

Starting us off today is Chad Dotson of Redleg Nation

My answer last year was no, because he’d be too expensive and he had too much of a tendency to hot dog and be lazy on the field. My opinion of BP has changed. Phillips might still be too expensive, but I think the Reds need to try to do everything they can to sign BP to an extension in the neighborhood of three years. The problems with lack of hustle have disappeared as his production has increased, and there isn’t a player on the Reds who enjoys being a Cincinnati Red more than BP.

Of course, his profile is rising around the country, and it may be difficult to convince Phillips to sign a reasonable contract. I think the Reds have to try, however.

I’m right along with Chad on this one. I would go so far as to say that BP has emerged as an ambassador for the team…of sorts. His popularity is one reason national audiences want to see the Reds play. And in case you don’t know, Tina of Rockin’ Redlegs is a big BP supporter. Here’s all the proof you need.

If Walt does not sign Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati will take it very personally. He is one of the greatest baseball players of his time. He’s on the verge of his third gold glove, which is demonstrated on a near-daily basis with his constant Web Gem-worthy plays at Second Base. He’s one of our most consistent hitters – he’s batting .290 and can literally hit anywhere in the batting order. He’s one of the top three players on the team overall, and it’s not like Brandon is asking for anything excessive – he just wants to be paid fairly, on par with Votto and Bruce (who are the other two in the top three), and that’s not too much to ask. Brandon wants to play for us, but I know that there are many other teams out there that are interested in him. If Walt doesn’t extend Brandon’s contract, and soon, he will be snatched up quicker than his barehanded throws to first, and the Reds will have a mutiny on their hands.

Mutiny might be an understatement, Tina.

Another subject that has gotten considerable air as of late is that of the closer situation. With Francisco Cordero recently struggling (a jinx I think I started), the cries are (again) for another to become the closer. Cordero is signed through the end of this season with a team option for next year. Most likely, Coco will not be back due to the mountain of dough he would be due.

So…who is the closer in 2012? Two opinions from a pair of guys over at Red Reporter, RijoSaboCasyWKRP and BK. BK’s up first.