Top 10 Reasons to be excited about the 2011 Reds: #10

By FanSided Staff

Each Thursday I will do a countdown of the top 10 reasons to be excited about the Reds in 2011. Today we will begin with #10.

The tenth reason to be excited about the Reds is because of what they did in 2010. For years, Reds fans had been saying that this was the year that the Reds would break through and end their playoff drought. Well 2010 was that year. Here is a link to a video I made in tribute to Jay Bruce’s walk-off home run to clinch the division.

2010 should have taught all Reds fans a very important lesson: it is not how you start but how you finish. To start off 2010, the Reds were playing like they had for many year: inconsistent and streaky. They started off 2010 with a record 7-11 thr0ugh their first 18 games.

At that point, Dusty Baker held a closed doors meeting with the team that turned the season around. From that day the Reds won 8 of 10 and put up 18 wins in the month of May.

Because of the success that the Reds enjoyed in 2010, they will be more confident and sure of themselves in 2011. They know that they are good enough to win the division again. And this time…they will be ready for October baseball.

In 2010 on the biggest stage that Reds baseball had been on in years, they just did not get it done. Not that year. Not on those fields. Not that postseason. They dreamt of playing in the playoffs since they were kids, and they were swept.

BUT that experience will be invaluable to this team in the future and in 2011. They now know the concentration and execution it takes to close out meaningful games that they absolutely have to win in October. The Phillies were swept in their first post season appearance in 2007. They learned and have been to the World Series 2 of the past 4 years now.

Never panicking, never getting flustered, and relying on their ability to bounce back will be key in 2011 for the Reds and they will for sure be ready.