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Playoff Opponents: A Look Ahead


Just like my last post where I examined the Reds potential starters for the playoffs, I thought a peek at their perspective opponents and the ballparks is in order as well. With the magic number now resting at 6 (maybe even lower by the time you’re reading this), it can’t do any harm, can it?

Here’s how the Reds have fared against their probable playoff opponents in 2010:

Atlanta: 2-3
Colorado: 2-5
Philadelphia: 2-5
San Diego: 1-2
San Francisco: 3-4

Not pretty even though the Reds do have a three game set against the Padres in San Diego this coming weekend. The Reds do not have a winning record against any playoff probable team.

Now, let’s examine how the Reds offense fared against these opponents.

At first glance, you see that the Reds offense struggled with San Diego. It was only three games and that occurred at a time when the Reds weren’t the Reds as we currently view them.  The Reds hosted the Padres in late April and lost 2 of 3 to the Friars. Much has changed since then. The Reds hold a firm grasp on the NL Central while San Diego finds themselves playing for their playoff lives. Cincy and San Diego have that three game series at the end of the week and the Padres are in severe need of playing well to maintain their place in the NL West.

But Cincinnati has tasted some offensive success against a couple of teams.

One is Atlanta. When the Reds visited Atlanta, it was a short two game set they’d like to forget dropping both and the last ending in the massive comeback and a Brooks Conrad granny. When Atlanta visited Cincy, the Reds won 2 of the 3 at GABP.

The Giants are another team Cincinnati has hit well. Despite the somewhat disastrous trip there, Cincinnati has its best offense success against the Giants. If Cincinnati must travel to San Fran, it’s a virtual lock that the weather will be far different and the ball won’t carry like it did the last time Cincinnati visited AT&T Park.

But how has the pitching against these teams performed?

Even though the Reds offense has had its biggest success against the Giants, it’s just the opposite for the pitching. Talk about your gaudy numbers and, yes, it was that series in San Francisco that severly inflated these numbers. From a pitching standpoint, the two teams the Reds perform the best against are the Braves and Phillies, the two teams they’re most likely to face. That may be an omen and a good one at that.