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Stubbs and Ks


Sounds like a good cereal, doesn’t it. He has struck out 144 times this season. And, thats in only 483 plate appearances, I said, “plate appearances.” He has officially 430 at-bats. What does all this mean? In his plate appearances he has struck out 29% of the time. In official at-bats, the total jumps to 33% of the time.

With this guys speed and power, if he could somehow cut that total in half, he would or could be an all-star. I don’t know what to think about this. Isn’t there a doctor for this?

Some of us had to work today, so, I was listening to the Reds and Rockies game. The Reds have runners on 2nd and third with no outs. And, Drew takes two strikes. All the guy has to do is hit a ground ball or a sacrifice fly. I was thinking swing the damn bat. But when he did, strike three.

I think the problem with Stubbs is his aggressiveness at the plate. HOF’er Marty Brenneman agreed with me an inning later. I wish I could find the stat and his batting average and strikeout propensity when he has two strikes on him. I am sure its out there but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, I bet when he has two strikes on him that he strikes out 50% of the time. And, I might be under on my estimate.

The guy has to put bat to ball more, period. Maybe he has to change his approach to swing at the first pitch. And, he definitely needs to learn how to bunt. If he could bunt the ball effectively you could add 15 basehits to his total. And, raise his batting average by 10-15 points.

All I know, someone has to get in this kids head. The guy oozes potential and stardom. I was mad because they traded away Chris Dickerson. I thought maybe some competition for at-bats would push Stubbs. But, it hasn’t happened. He continues to swing and miss. If the Reds are to do anything in the postseason, Drew Stubbs must be productive.