Reds News

No One is Sitting


It is the top of the 8th inning and the Reds are winning 8-3. And… comes Aroldis Chapman making his major league debut. The crowd goes crazy. And, not a soul was sitting during his 1.2.3. inning. He struck out the first batter he faced with two pitches over a hundred mph and two pitches that were nasty 86 mph sliders. The next two batters grounded out but the guy still got a standing ovation.

There has never been a Red making his debut with this much hype. When Jay Bruce debuted a couple of years ago, there was much hype. And Jay Bruce didn’t disappoint the hometown crowd by going 3-3. But, they didn’t stand the whole game or even when he was batting.

I have to say that I have the bug too. I never dreamt that the Reds would even sign Chapman and then they did. I never thought he would be in the majors this season and lo and behold here he is. I am hoping he can get back to starting next spring but I am happy now that he is in the pen. I just don’t know how a left-handed batter will be able to hit him. The guy is 6’4″ and hides the ball very well. And, he is probably the hardest throwing lefthander in the history of Major League Baseball. Can anyone name a lefty that has thrown harder??? Hell, even a righty. Nolan Ryan used to hit triple digits but not like Chapman. If he starts he can’t keep that velocity up for seven innings but for one inning he is cutting it loose. My new man crush is on the Cuban Missile. I hope that this culture shock and media blast he is going to get doesn’t make him uncomfortable. I hope that he can ease into stardom and not feel pressured to throw 105 every pitch. He looked calm, cool, and collect on the mound tonight but it makes you wonder. A guy coming from Cuba living his sheltered life there into a pennant race with media coverage all over him and the Reds.