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Todd Frazier to Compete in 2014 Home Run Derby


Making his first All-Star Game just was not enough for Todd Frazier.

He volunteered to become a member of the National League squad during the Home Run Derby, which will take place Monday, July 14, at 8 p.m. at Target Field.

Rare in this day and age is it for a hitter to volunteer to “mess with his swing” and enter the once vaunted Home Run Derby. Gone are the days of Mark McGwire hitting balls down the Massachusetts Turnpike outside of Fenway Park and Ken Griffey Jr. steamrolling the competition with his backwards hat and a smile. Now, the Home Run Derby serves as a warm appetizer to the delectable meal that follows the next night.

With the contest’s desire to keep fans entertained and draw an audience, Major League Baseball has once again shifted the paradigm for the competition. No longer are the rules of the contest important to fans, they just want to see their idols obliterate baseballs into packed stands of human mass tackling each other for a white sphere.

There were once again “captains” from each league that helped to fill out the rosters. From the National League, Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki took on the leadership role. His selections were as follows: Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton, and Reds third baseman Todd Frazier. Another member will be added in the coming days to continue to drag out the ridiculous process, but most importantly, Frazier is there.

And it won’t be just Todd Frazier feathering his surname across his back in Minnesota. As customary rules of the Derby state, participants can have whomever they desire throw their pitches. Think back to when Robinson Cano won the competition while his father, Jose, delivered him pitch-after-pitch—a heartwarming moment when they embraced after his victory.

Throwing to the “Toddfather,” will be his brother Charlie. This comes as no surprise due to the relationship that Frazier has with his brothers. Who knows if Todd will win the competition, but he will certainly put on a show.


Frazier becomes the first Red to enter the competition since Ken Griffey Jr. back in 2000.

With just five games remaining until the break, Frazier sits at 17 home runs, which leads the team. Devin Mesoraco is hot on his tail at 15, and you can never count out Jay Bruce who has finally reached double digits.

No matter the tally, teammates and media personnel believe no one is even close to matching the pure strength displayed in batting practice by Frazier. Remember, this is the same player who hit a “no-handed” home run by simply throwing the bat at the baseball. Just imagine what Frazier will able to do with the bright lights on—and two hands.

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