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What does Todd Frazier have to do to get recognition?

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier isn’t among the top five vote getters  in the All-Star game. That doesn’t seem like a surprise to many fans around baseball, but as Reds fans have noticed, Frazier is having one heck of a season. He is hitting .280/.348/.516 heading into Thursday night with 17 home runs. He is on pace to hit over 35 home runs this season and isn’t even among the top five vote getters at his own position.

So what exactly does Frazier have to do? At third base he ranks second in batting average, he easily leads the position in home runs and slugging percentage. He is second in RBI. All told, he is easily the best offensive third baseman in the National League to this point in the season and frankly, no one else is even close.

Defense? He certainly isn’t lacking there. This season he has a 1.9 defensive rating according to Fangraphs, which is above-average and places him fifth in the National League. That is on top of him ranking second defensively last year, so it isn’t likely that there is just a sample size issue going on, the Reds third baseman is among the best defenders in the league at the position.

What about the past seasons, since most fans vote on how guys have performed in the past anyways? Well, in the 2013 season Todd Frazier was the second most valuable third baseman in the National League to Chase Headley according to the Fangraphs version of Wins Above Replacement. This season, just for good measure, he leads the league among third basemen with only Anthony Rendon even being remotely close. Neither guy is in the top five of the fan vote.

It’s going to take someone other than the fans to vote Todd Frazier into the All-Star game and that is a real shame. He has been the best third baseman in the league in 2014 and has essentially gone unnoticed by the fans around baseball. Hopefully he gets chosen by either the player vote or the managers selection as he clearly deserves to be in the game. And maybe getting there will actually put him on the national radar and this won’t be such an issue next year if he continues to perform this well.

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