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Starter Report: RHP Mike Leake vs RHP Ryan Vogelsong

On Thursday night the Cincinnati Reds will open a series out west against the San Francisco Giants. The Reds will send RHP Mike Leake to the mound to counter the Giants RHP Ryan Vogelsong.

Reds Starter: RHP Mike Leake

2014 Season Stats
5 6 3.59 100.1 10 22 72

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 92 MPH 47%
Change Up 86 MPH 7%
Cutter 91 MPH 21%
Slider 82 MPH 12%
Curveball 80 MPH 12%

Mike Leake had been using his sinker less in early in June, but he has picked it back up lately. He has been using his cutter more and more as the season goes along, using it 30% of the time the last time out, which was a season high. The usage of his curveball has really dropped off, not throwing it even 10% of the time over the last three starts after throwing it 18% of the time in the previous three starts. Leake is going to pound the bottom of the strikezone and throw strikes with all of his pitches. In a big ballpark he will have the benefit of finding a little more of the zone than he may be comfortable with at home.

Giants Starter: RHP Ryan Vogelsong

2014 Season Stats
5 3 4.13 85.0 7 29 71

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 91 MPH 47%
Change Up 84 MPH 13%
Curveball 77 MPH 19%
Cutter 88 MPH 20%

Ryan Vogelsong mixes his pitches very well. He throws his fastball just 47% of the time while mixing in three offspeed pitches 13-20% of the time and it doesn’t vary much by what side of the plate the hitter stands on either. Vogelsong isn’t a big control guy, with slightly below-average walk rate, so the Reds have the ability to be a bit more patient and wait for their pitch to try and drive in the big ballpark in San Francisco. None of his pitches have been above-average this season, though his curve and fastball have been very close to average. The change up has been a poor pitch, but it’s also the least used pitch. If the Reds get a chance to attack that pitch, it’s likely their best bet.

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