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Starter Report: RHP Josh Beckett vs RHP Mike Leake

On Tuesday night the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds will play the second game of their series in Cincinnati. The Dodgers will send RHP Josh Beckett to the mound to take on RHP Mike Leake of the Reds.

Reds Starter: RHP Mike Leake

2014 Season Stats
3 5 3.29 82.0 8 16 56

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 92 MPH 45%
Change Up 85 MPH 11%
Cutter 91 MPH 20%
Slider 82 MPH 11%
Curveball 80 MPH 13%

Mike Leake has leaned on his sinker less and on his cutter more as the season has progressed. He will pound the strikezone with the fastball/cutter combo and be around the zone with his offspeed stuff. He won’t miss a ton of bats and relies on soft contact and his defense to get outs, but with a strong defense behind him and limiting the walks it has been quite successful for several seasons now.

Dodgers Starter: RHP Josh Beckett

2014 Season Stats
3 3 2.57 66.2 10 23 63

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 93 MPH 36%
Change Up 87 MPH 15%
Splitter 86 MPH 1%
Curveball 74 MPH 31%
Cutter 91 MPH 17%

Josh Beckett leans on his fastball/cutter combo 53% of the time, then mixes in his curveball another 31% of the time. He uses his change up often enough, throwing it 15% of the time and he will show a splitter once a game or so. His cutter and his curveball are both well above-average pitches, while the rest of his offerings are below-average. Beckett is a bit prone to the home run and while he doesn’t have control problems, he hasn’t pounded the zone a ton either, giving up some walks. Look for the curveball when behind in counts would be good advice as it is really the pitch he leans on to try and put hitters away.

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