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Starter Report: Ian Kennedy vs Johnny Cueto

We are still doing the pitching match up scouting reports every day, but we are just going to title them differently moving forward on the front page. We are just going to mention the starters in the title rather than the two teams.

Reds Starter: RHP Johnny Cueto

2014 Season Stats
3 2 1.43 63.0 7 16 68

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 95 MPH 50%
Change Up 86 MPH 16%
Cutter 90 MPH 19%
Slider 86 MPH 12%
Curveball 81 MPH 3%

Johnny Cueto threw more fastballs in his last start than he has thrown since his first start of the year as he went with the pitch 61% of the time. He cut back on the slider  and change up. His velocity on the pitch averaged over 95 MPH for the second straight game. Cueto is showing outstanding control and is among the league leaders in strikeouts.

Padres Starter: RHP Ian Kennedy

2014 Season Stats
2 4 3.12 49.0 3 11 56

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 93 MPH 62%
Change Up 84 MPH 15%
Curveball 79 MPH 17%
Cutter 86 MPH 6%

Kennedy has been strong this season for the Padres, despite his record (which I wish they would just get rid of for players). He has shown outstanding control this season and has been missing a lot of bats. His velocity is up in 2014, rather significantly from years past, averaging 93 MPH after never averaging more than 91 going back to the 2007 season. He has been consistent in his pitch usage with the exception of his first start where he threw 85% fastballs and cutters. His fastball and cutter have both been well above-average pitches in 2014. His curveball has been well below-average though and could be the pitch that the Reds will be able to take advantage of. His change up has been a little bit below-average as well.

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