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San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Reds pitching match up 5/13/14

The San Diego Padres head to Cincinnati on Tuesday to face off against the Cincinnati Reds. The Padres will send out RHP Andrew Cashner to take on the Reds RHP Mike Leake.

Reds Starter: RHP Mike Leake

2014 Season Stats
2 3 3.40 50.1 6 10 29

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 92 MPH 47%
Change Up 85 MPH 11%
Cutter 91 MPH 18%
Slider 82 MPH 11%
Curveball 80 MPH 13%

Mike Leake was throwing the hardest of his career in his last start against Boston, averaging 94 MPH and topping out at 95 MPH, something he had never done in the big leagues until his start against Milwaukee on May 2nd, 2014. In line with his season, he has dropped the rate in which he threw his sinker from the week before and increased the rate in which he threw hit cutter, throwing the cutter 37% of the time last time out, more than the 33% of the time that he threw his fastball. Leake went back to the curveball after not using it much the previous two starts and dropped off usage of the slider.

Padres Starter: RHP Andrew Cashner

2014 Season Stats
2 5 2.86 50.1 2 16 41

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 95 MPH 72%
Change Up 86 MPH 10%
Slider 85 MPH 17%
Curveball 78 MPH 1%

Cashner is one of the hardest throwing starters in the game and it shows hen looking at his pitch values at fangraphs. His fastball is a well above-average pitch, while the other three pitches he throws rate out as below-average this season, though his slider was a bit above-average last season. In his last start he threw his fastball 79% of the time while not throwing a single breaking ball and using his change up 21% of the time. He hardly throws a curveball, but his slider was a pitch he had thrown 13%-24% of the time in his other starts, so that he didn’t throw a single one is interesting. The Reds should look for the fastball early and often as he really leans on that pitch.

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