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Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox pitching match up 5/7/14

Looking to split the two game series, the Cincinnati Reds will send RHP Mike Leake to the mound on Wednesday night against the Boston Red Sox. The home Red Sox will send RHP Jake Peavy to the mound as they hope to sweep the Reds.

Reds Starter: RHP Mike Leake

2014 Season Stats
2 3 3.53 43.1 6 8 25

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 91 MPH 50%
Change Up 85 MPH 10%
Cutter 90 MPH 16%
Slider 82 MPH 12%
Curveball 80 MPH 12%

In his last start, Leake threw the least amount of fastballs that he used all season, but he also used his cutter a season high 27% of the time, which put his cutter/fastball combo nearly on pace with the previous outing. Depending on the opponent Leake has really altered how he uses the offspeed stuff. He has used his curveball the least amount of the season in each of his last two starts.

Red Sox Starter: RHP Jake Peavy

2014 Season Stats
1 1 2.87 37.2 6 21 36

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 91 MPH 58%
Change Up 85 MPH 15%
Slider 84 MPH 9%
Curveball 80 MPH 9%
Cutter 87 MPH 10%

The pitch usage for Peavy has changed in the past two games. He has dropped the usage of his slider pretty low and raised his usage of the curveball. In the last start he really dropped the usage of the curveball as well in favor of his cutter. Despite a shiny ERA, Peavy has allowed base runners this season, particularly giving up the walk to opposing hitters. His fastball has been below-average, as has the change up. The curveball has been his best pitch and is one he will use to put away hitters with.

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