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Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox Pitching Match Up 5/6/14

The Cincinnati Reds head to Boston to take on the Red Sox in a strange two game match up. The Reds will send Homer Bailey to the mound and will match up against Red Sox left hander Felix Doubront.

Reds Starter: RHP Homer Bailey

2014 Season Stats
2 2 5.50 34.1 7 9 33

Scouting Report

Pitch  Velocity  Usage
Fastball 95 MPH 60%
Split Finger 87 MPH 11%
Slider 87 MPH 21%
Curveball 80 MPH 8%

Homer Bailey  leaned heavily on his split finger in his last start, throwing it a season high 19% of the time. He essentially swapped out some curveballs and sliders for the splitter, while keeping his fastball rate about the same. He has been spotting his pitches better the past few starts.

Red Sox Starter: LHP Felix Doubront

2014 Season Stats
1 3 5.70 30.0 5 12 21

Scouting Report

Pitch Velocity Usage
Fastball 91 MPH 55%
Change Up 85 MPH 15%
Curveball 76 MPH 13%
Cutter 88 MPH 18%

Felix Doubront leans on his fastball/cutter combo quite a bit, accounting for 73% of his pitches. He will mix in a curveball and change up evenly. As the season has progressed though, the left hander has thrown fewer and fewer fastballs and more and more cutters. In his last start he threw 37% fastballs and 34% cutters. Historically his change up has been a slightly above-average pitch, but so far in 2014 it joins the rest of his pitches as a below-average offering.

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