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POLL: To Go Pro or Join the College Ranks?

On the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast Friday night, discussed was the dilemma that many young superstar high school players face: capitalize on their draft stock and turn pro, or head towards college?  There are glaring positives and negatives to both sides.

Turning Pro:

Baseball has shown time and time again, that once a player is selected in the first round, he is given countless opportunities to succeed.  Not to mention, going from making part-time job money as a high school student, to a signing bonus on a Major League contract can be quite the salary jump.

Where things get dicey with that decision, is if it does not pan out.  Baseball is a ruthless game where not all those who should make it, do make it based on a variety of factors.  While the signing bonus and initial contract can seem eternal in the moment, many have wished they could go back and obtain their college degree.

Heading to College:

Most that attended can attest to the fact that it is the best four years of your life.  Hypothetically, if you had the level of talent to be taken early in the First-Year Draft, it is safe to assume you could have the pick of where you wanted to attend school.  Not only could you play baseball at the collegiate level in pristine weather conditions amongst an elite-level of camaraderie, but a degree can be earned simultaneously.

Turning down a guaranteed contract from a Major League Baseball team has to be the most difficult thing a youngster can ever do at that point in his life.  A whole list of things can go wrong in college that can compromise the future of a player, from injury, to off-the-field incidents.


With that being said, if it were you, in what direction would you be headed?

Personally, being an Arizona State Sun Devil, I could not imagine how overjoyed I would be to have the opportunity to wear that uniform.  Turning down a contract from a Major League team to join their farm system would be gut-wrenching, but if given the opportunity, I would go and get my degree.

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