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A Reds Winter of Discontent Evolves to Spring Training

This has been a long, strange offseason to be a Reds fan.

With the exception of losing two key players (Shin-Soo Choo and Bronson Arroyo) from last season, it feels like almost nothing else has changed.  Well, the managerial change still remains an obvious one, but the general core of the team feels pretty much the same.  The linger question remains: Was it okay to be this inactive?

The means of “standing pat” seems good when your core is strong, but it feels like so many lingering question marks are still there.  The general “experts” around baseball don’t seem to view this team all that favorably, either, not that one can put a great deal of weight into what many of them say.  This team certainly can still compete and, even for its flaws, will probably still be a very watchable bunch this coming season.

Regardless of everything else, Spring Training finally gets to be the “turn the page” moment from what remains of 2013.  With Homer Bailey securely in the fold for the next six years, one feels better at least about the short-term.  What the impact of that contract along with the big ones we already knew (Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips) on future contract talks remains to be seen.  It doesn’t *seem* like this team has an untapped well of cash lying around, but they keep making somewhat big splashes to keep guys they value most.

Optimism is the best ally of any baseball fan at this point in the year, especially considering not a single game has yet to be played.  That attitude may change by, say, June or July, but more than enough time remains to truly judge what this team can or cannot do until games finally start to be played for real.

On a more positive note, the Reds announced that Jason Aldean will be performing at the Great American Ballpark on July 19th.  You can find Jason Aldean tickets here.  make sure to grab some and see the Reds and Aldean together during the summer months!


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