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Joey Votto: The Face of MLB

What is all this talk about Joey Votto being the “face” of Major League Baseball? 

We already know that he’s the consummate professional; never to utter an ill-tempered word, since every phrase he speaks is so eloquent and graceful.  It is rare to have a superstar being so meticulous in his craft to not want the spotlight for the countless hours they have put into their profession. 

This entire “pick the face of MLB” campaign is certainly a well-marketed event, but ultimately, it’s a silly honor, lacking any meaning. 

The MLB Network organizes a 30-team bracket where one player from each franchise is represented.  Players face off against one another, with the winner be decided by the number of votes they receive on Twitter.  For example, any time you tweet out… #JoeyVotto, along with #FaceOfMLB, you will virtually be casting your ballot as wanting Joey Votto as the face of Major League Baseball.

In case you somehow managed to miss it last season, Votto won the honor due to the borderline stalker-level dedication by Reds fans to see their 240 million dollar man and his clean-shaven face be the new face of the game.  New rules and regulations for this season have limited participants to voting only 25 times, which has spurred the creation of thousands of accounts used simply to vote for Votto. 

Currently, Votto is enthralled a battle with Arizona Diamondbacks slugger Paul Goldschmidt in the second round, after being gifted a first-round bye due to his victory last season.  Having won in the underdog role last year, Votto now faces the stiff competition of having to ward off his on-lookers. 

Now that you have been filled in on what this whole “face of MLB” phenomenon is, go ahead and vote for your favorite first baseman to become a back-to-back champion…even if it doesn’t mean a darned thing.

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