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Crowning a True Reds Champion

Due to the fact that the off-season is a normally slow period around baseball with the Winter Meetings having concluded, coming up with material can sometimes be a slight bit monotonous.  With that being said, now is a great time for reflection.  Not just reflection from the 2013 season, but with a collection of Reds history at our disposal, all of Reds history.

The easy answer to the question of who is the greatest Reds’ team of all-time would almost unanimously be the 1975 club.  For the sake of debate, here at BlogRedMachine, we’re going to set up an 8-team, elimination style bracket to help us crown a true Reds champion.

Of course, in order to pull off such a lofty goal, we need the guidance of a reliable simulation engine that could accurately depict the events of such occurrences.  Our friends over at have a simulation that seems like the perfect fit for such debate.

As far as teams are concerned, the seeding would be simple to do by taking the teams in history with the most wins, but at that point, it would nearly be comprised of the entire 1970’s.  In the spirit of crowning a true champion over time, we’ll space out the seeding and year selection.

The seeding goes as follows:

#1 – 1975 Reds (108-54)

#2 – 1976 Reds (102-60)

#3 – 1940 Reds (100-53-2)

#4 – 1962 Reds (98-64)

#5 – 2012 Reds (97-65)

#6 – 1999 Reds (96-67)

#7 – 1919 Reds (96-44)

#8 – 1990 Reds (91-71)

There are undoubtedly many other options and worthy omissions, but to eliminate any of these from the race seems to be a disservice.  Every day (starting tomorrow) we will simulate one game at a time until we are down to just two.  This is meant to be humorous, intriguing and most importantly, to stir debates over what team was the best.


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