Cincinnati Reds baseball betting

MLB baseball fans have months of waiting ahead of them before the 2014 season starts, but one way many of them pass this time is by speculating and gambling on the two leagues and the World Series. This demand is why the bookies make odds information available so far in advance, and these odds suggest that the Cincinnati Reds are amongst the pre-season favorites both for the National League and for the World Series. So you should just go and bet on them, right?

It is not necessarily as simple as that, as there is so much that can alter between now and the end of March and anyone betting on Cincinnati now could be left very red-faced. They are on 7/1 for the National League and 16/1 for the World Series and in both cases this positions them just behind those teams ranked hot favorites. There is no question that, based on that, lots of baseball betting fans will putting money on the Reds for one or both of these titles, but making any bets so early is risky – no matter what the odds say. The sensible choice is to visit an online or mobile casino for the baseball slot games, and put your MLB bets on nearer the time.

Some of these games are more than entertaining enough to enable you to pass this time very enjoyably, with one example of this being the baseball slot machine with five reels called Hot Shot. This has all the best bits of a standard slot, like a cash jackpot (a $2000 one), very cheap gaming and a brilliant shot at a payout. However there is also the baseball part, including graphics of a field and hitters, catchers gloves and pitchers on the reels, and sounds of bats hitting baseballs (when you win a payout) and roars of approval from the fans (when that win incorporates the scatter symbol). Together these elements some up all the best things about these baseball casino games.

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