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Cincinnati Reds Hamilton Not The Answer: What's The Question?

I recently wrote how the Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton was not the answer. Only one month of major league experience and the fact that they’re not a small-ball team were factors in my analysis. But it made me think: If Hamilton isn’t the answer, what’s the question?

Although I mentioned that Hamilton’s role would mean the ultimate overhaul of the Cincinnati offense, I didn’t say it would necessarily be the wrong thing to do. Those same power house bats haven’t shown up much during the post-season, after all. Maybe the ball club needs to be more OBP-mided. Then again, that same offense has led to several good regular seasons.

So what do we do?

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We need to take a look as to why the Reds have failed to make much headway in the playoffs. Was it lack of hitting? Sure. Was it lack of quality starting pitching? Sure. Was is questionable  managing? Sure. Was it bad bull pen outings? Sure.

Do you see a trend here?

It’s so hard to judge the main problem in such a short amount of time. Cincinnati has “power” hitting. They haven’t produced in the playoffs. Does that mean we should overhaul the offense? No. Because you shouldn’t judge the entire philosophy of an offense based on 3-7 game series.

If Cincinnati embraces Hamilton and thus changes their philosophy, it would mean a rebuild. The Reds aren’t looking in that direction. That’s why they hired a new manager-to send a message. We won’t accept another year of losing in the fist round. We have the offense to win now.





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